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lucky chance started this discussion 1 years ago

new area bolting

Yesterday my friends and I (who are colo locals) climbed at an area just off Colo heights road at a bend, just up from the river which has been recently U-bolted with 5 easier climbs up a slabby boulder, and 2 seperate steep aretes up their respective boulders, all about 7-9 metres high. I was wondering WHO has bolted them all, what they're names & grades are & other info so if you know who's done the bolting or its you yourself please let me know. There are also old carrot bolts around so its apparent that perhaps it was an old established area. i rappelled down the steep right-hand arete to inspect it but the U-bolts werent glued in, they were only jammed in their drilled holes, so I imagine its a work in progress. On the rear left cliffs arete there is a bolted project, but there is a U-bolt to the right which may be an alternative start, any info would be great.

rod replied 1 years ago

Might be funnelweb gulch? its in a little gully on a bend...cant help with info re U's but must be fairly recent was checking the place out about a year ago I think and can't remember them there then.

Colo info on rockies site....http://routes.sydneyrockies.org.au:8080/confluence/display/nswrock/Colo+River

lucky chance replied 1 years ago

awesome!! thats the cliff :D thanks for that. yeh a tag on 1 of the bolts had the date 11/12 on it so I imagine it was around then, cheers!

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