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  • Started: 1 years ago on May 7, 2013

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Brendan Heywood started this discussion 1 years ago

Topo suggestions

hi Matt,

I'm one of the admins, nice work on the topos. If you have routes that share segments like alternate starts you can snap the routes together to get much cleaner looking topos, check out this video:


I've tidies up Vitez as an example. Let me know how you go or if you have suggestions or issues with this

Matt Short replied 1 years ago

Hi Brendan,

Thank you for the tip I have tidied up the rest of the topos. I may also reorder the crag from left to right when I have time. I love the site and think it is a great idea. I am climbing most weekends at the moment so I am going to try and improve the descriptions and topos for the crags that I visit.


Brendan Heywood replied 1 years ago

Cool - if you are thinking about reordering left to right because of the 'twisted' routes issue, you just need to sort the routes inside the topo, rather than at in the cliff. On the topo edit page is a sort button. This is a little non obvious and we're redoing this so that it's automatic, should have that sorted in a couple months.

see this video: https://www.thecrag.com/article/TopoTips#tip4

Leith D replied 1 years ago

Ditto to Brendan's comment.

Looks good mate.

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