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Discussion: Routes / Topos Started by Marcus Zurhorst.

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  • Started: 4 years ago on Tue 11th Jun 2013

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Marcus Zurhorst started this discussion 4 years ago.

Routes / Topos

Hi there, I am wondering about the quantity of routes at both Isenberg sectors. My small overview pdf from the website lists much less routes. On top, if shows a totally different order for some of the routes.

What is the source for all these routes? does not host an topo either.

Thanks & regards, Marcus

Campbell Gome replied 4 years ago.

Hi Marcus,

If you check the 'recent updates' feed at the bottom of the Isenberg page you'll be able to see who's made those contributions. (Unless it was a private account).

Cheers Campbell (Site admin)

replied 4 years ago.

Sometimes the order of routes needs work. If you need to fix the order of routes then use the edit location tool, as it allows you to drag and drop routes.

Felix replied 4 years ago.

Hi Marcus,

there are several different Topos of the Isenberg. From what i've seen the best one is included in one of the official Guides for that Region but I don't remember the Name currently. A friend of mine got a copy, I will ask him later for the Name.

Schöne Grüße Felix

Felix replied 4 years ago.

The Guide is called "Kletterführer Ruhrgebiet" costs 26€ and is only available in one onlineshop (Google it) or a few local Shops. According to my friend you should stick to the stonevibes Topo and save the 26€. Most of the missing routes are just variations of existing routes. And apart from the Isenberg the guide is terrible

Marcus Zurhorst replied 4 years ago.

Thanks! -- I think I have this one here as well. I will compare to the Stonevibes Topo and try to clean the crag a little bit.

Showing all 6 messages.

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