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started this discussion 1 years ago

"R" rating

Hi mods, could you please remove the "R" rating from Gentlemens Drag at Cosmic? Its only supported by the ACA data - but by no guidebook ever. And the route is a splitter crack which takes as much gear as you can carry and place. Absolutely NOT runout. Cheers, Will

Jason Smith replied 1 years ago

But it has a terrible bolts/meter ratio

Evan Wells replied 1 years ago

So its no longer RAD?

Neil Monteith replied 1 years ago

Does that mean children can do it now?

Paul Thomson replied 1 years ago

Wasn't it given a "Serious" rating after the landslide, because of all the crap originally up near the anchors?

replied 1 years ago

Aha, yes thanks, maybe that's the reason behind the ACA rating. But the whole area has been stable for ~9 years since the rockfall, and the route now has loweroffs so you no longer need to top out.

If a bit of rubble above justifies the "R" rating, then most routes in the Blueys should have the "R"!

Get rid of the R from this boltless rad kid-friendly route I reckon.

Paul Thomson replied 1 years ago

Yeah, I've been walking around the top above Gentleman's Drag to get off numerous climbs in the last year, and can verify that it's safe as houses now.

replied 1 years ago

Based on a reasonable level of consensus I have removed the 'R'. We have some system issues to do this properly anyway.

Ben Jenga replied 1 years ago

I was wondering about that R, nice work on the send Will.

replied 1 years ago

Thanks Simon, and thanks Ben. amazing pitch hey?!!

Ben Jenga replied 1 years ago

Yep for sure, classic.

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Showing all 11 messages