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Neil Monteith started this discussion 4 years ago.

Merging single pitch routes

Ok, I have merged all the single pitch routes into multipitch routes on this wall - but in doing so it seems to have 'lost' all the ticks of the popualr single pitch versions! Should this happen?

David Nott replied 4 years ago.

Takes a while for a merge to take effect. They should be converted over after 30+ mins.

Neil Monteith replied 4 years ago.

ah! thanks.

Ben Jenga replied 4 years ago.

I freaked out the first time I did that as well

replied 4 years ago.

Climbers should be at home with being freaked out. Maybe we should make it an 'R' rated feature

Ben Jenga replied 4 years ago.


Showing all 6 messages.

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