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Deleting projects


I have just noticed a number of projects have been renamed to 'Delete X'. I am just wondering what the reason is for this. I am sure it is a good reason, but I would like to understand so I can either tidy them up, suggest an alternative or add capability to the system.

Simon (system developer)

Ben Jenga replied 1 years ago

Sounds like some people don't know how it merge routes.

replied 1 years ago

Maybe it is a case of merging routes, or maybe there is something else going on. I just want to make sure. Really it highlights a process we need to document better and that is a project turning into a real route, which should be basically rename and switch off project flag.

But there might be something else I don't understand????

Ben Jenga replied 1 years ago

Yeah that's what I would have figured. With more and more people coming up to speed with the edit process you would hope that all the routes on a crag will get tidy up.

BlankSlab replied 1 years ago

HI Simon, Apologies for this. Didn't see the crag Chat till this morning. Been trying to re arrange the area im developing here. The Stuff under the North Cliff is in a new area of Galston George But is with in walking distance of an old neglected crag at the base of the gorge (increased road traffic has seen it basically dissapear over the years).

Anyway i had created the new sub area after i had listed them under galston gorge and couldn't work out how to move them across. Still learning how to use the System here but getting the hang of it. If you could delete the route above labelled "Delete" it would be appreciated otherwise if you could move it under "The North Cliff" ill use it for another climb. It Should look tidy in the end i hope. Cheers

BlankSlab replied 1 years ago

Just confirming i understand the process of a project moving into a route. Just couldn't get them moved to the right place. Should be tidied up over the next month or so as i add the rest of the data anyway.

replied 1 years ago

Is 'Delete' actually a route that people would have ticked or is it a mistaken entry? Our normal process would be to merge routes if they are dups, otherwise just move them to the right area.

The reparent process is a bit confusing, I think you got really close to getting it right. It's on our list of things to fix.

I have move the "Delete" route to The North Cliff. We need to either merge it with an existing route or rename it to it's correct name.

If it really needs to be deleted then I can move it to a purgatory directory to be dealt with later.

BlankSlab replied 1 years ago

It was a mistaken entry. But moving it to The North Cliff is fine. With any luck ill use it for another line i have my eye on in the next week if this rain goes away. Think im getting the hang of the way the system works now. Thanks for the help on that.

replied 1 years ago

Let me know if the line does not submit climbing skills and you want the route to just go away.

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