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Jason Smith started this discussion 1 years ago

Junkyard Seepage?

Does anyone know if this place seeps much, since they've had a stack of rain down that way. Might head down Saturday if it's OK


Jason Lammers replied 1 years ago

I reckon it does. But there will always be something dry to climb there.

Ben Jenga replied 1 years ago

This is one of the wettest after rain crags I have seen. Just by looking at the water washed stone at the back of the cave you can understand the amount of post heavy rain seepage.

The climbs at the beginning and end of the crag stay dryer so head down and check it out. If not trackside should be dry.

Sam replied 1 years ago

junkyard dog and surrounding climbs seem to stay dry after and during rain.

Matt Brooks replied 8 months ago

Needs quite a bit of rain for it to seep badly!

Evan Wells replied 8 months ago

I think this crag gets wet not because of rain but because its steep and sits above a river, you know how clouds (moisture) hangs about the river at night, it catches it all as it rises. If its wet at 11am its probably gonna be dry by 2pm.

replied 8 months ago

I've climbed there after rain and the stuff in the caves are dry. The first few climbs as you enter stay wet as seepage from the top continues a bit but the rest is great.

Great climbs Matt and perfectly bolted!

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Showing all 7 messages