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Neil Monteith started this discussion 1 years ago

Photos in the wrong section

I notice there are a stack of photos from the Lassiters crag being shown in the Gold Mine section. How can we move them?

replied 1 years ago

Hmmm, you cannot move other peoples photos.

I've logged a discussion issue:

Neil Monteith replied 1 years ago

But what I don't understand is that surely photos are attached to a climb - so if that climb gets moved/merged etc then the photo should go with it shouldn't it? Or does it not work that way? The photos in question are linked to climbs at Lassitors (eg

) but seem to display in the Goldmine photo section?

replied 1 years ago

you can attach photos to areas. which looks like what has happened

replied 1 years ago

Yeah that photo was attached to Rare Earth Buttress when it as uploaded.

Jason Lammers replied 1 years ago

Rare Earth Buttress was part of the Gold Mine, but then it got moved to from The Gold Mine to Lassiters

Neil Monteith replied 1 years ago

So if the photo is attached to Rare Earth Buttress - why doesn't it get moved when the area gets moved?

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Showing all 8 messages