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nice work

Hi guys, good to see the write up of this bouldering area - with impressive levels of psyche/froth ! ;)

For the record, the "history" is missing at least 20 years ... :) I'm aware that this was a regular bouldering spot for some V6+ climbers in the early-mid 90s so its unlikely theres any new FAs in this listing. I did about half those problems in the mid-late 90s and I was nowhere near the first. Standard practice was to do the roof routes then wander out this way for a boulder. eg this page was written in the late 90s:

Anyway, whatever the history its a great spot and congrats again on a nice write up of a gold Sydney spot.

cheers Will

replied 1 years ago

Hey Will

Thanks for the good feedback. Brendon and I are really on fire for the bouldering development in Sydney. We are shocked by how much good rock hasn't been developed and shared. Its super exciting!

Sorry we have missed your comment! I only just noticed it and have certainly not avoided the truth you present.

We got really excited when we found "When Crags Collide" and after scouring the internet, finding no route descriptions or FAs, we jumped right in.

Thanks a lot for giving me some history on the place. Is there someone we could talk to about getting some route descriptions and original FA's to add to the crag? I checked that link you posted but didn't find that info.

When next are you bouldering in Sydney? Brendon and I always appreciate some on location feed back to our problems



replied 1 years ago

Hi Dave, I'd forget about trying to find Balls Head FA info, I highly doubt anyone recorded it. I think your write up for Balls Head is all good and I'd keep your names and grades (unless someone from the 80s or 90s emerges with original info), but I'd remove all the "FA" information ... everything V-single-digit will certainly have been done decades ago. I dare say every bit of Sydney rock with less than a 15 minute walk has been well loved even if never written up - that's the beauty of Sydney! Leaving some spots undocumented for people to self discover has its place, it lets them get the same buzz you got. But write stuff up however you like, its good having people contribute. Cheers, Will

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