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Cris Brazzelli started this discussion 11 months ago

New Yellow marks on Caves Route

Yellow tape marks on the Caves Route are:

  1. act of vandalism and visual pollution in a NP

  2. unethical to the climbing history of this classic and FA

  3. misleading since the marks lead 3 times off-route

zac replied 11 months ago

can the panit be removed

Cris Brazzelli replied 11 months ago

Is fluorescent yellow heavy duty tape. The kind used in construction sites, easy to remove on rock fortunately. The increase of traffic up and down the eastern face (thanks also to recent addition of safety hardware) will inevitably bring diverse climbing culture, including people who will mark the rock on classics like this one.

Tom Reid replied 11 months ago

Just make a post on Facebook or something whoever goes up there next to remove the tape

Cris Brazzelli replied 11 months ago

I removed the tape from the rock and trees up to the scrub leaving just a couple in dodgy places since I was alone and unroped. The marks continue up toward "big empty" area. I'll clean them next time I'm heading that way. I don't have FB and posted here hoping the person who marked the route understands that this actions on a classic route are very poor, not to mention the danger that misleading signage could deliver to less-experienced climbers.

Tom Reid replied 11 months ago

Good work Cris, Hopefully the word gets out.

replied 5 months ago

Thanks Cris. I see weird stuff often on the run up to summit caves. Quietly making it disappear is a good policy.

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Showing all 7 messages