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Damian Howard started this discussion 1 years ago

Crag to North East

Just wondering if anyone has looked at what appears to be big faces about 12km to the NE of Wingello and if so is the rock any good?

Jason Lammers replied 1 years ago

Nope - but sounds rad. You got any piccys ??

rod replied 1 years ago

You mean towards Bundanoon? Your starting to get into nat park I think..also can anyone confirm if a gate has gone up on access road, heard a rumour wondering if true?

Damian Howard replied 1 years ago

Its about half way between Bundanoon and Exter and is probably very close to bordering on Nat. Parks land. I haven't check exactly on Lands Dept records yet. Hopefully i will get to look at in person in the next couple of weeks and i will take some pic's to share.

Damian Howard replied 1 years ago

Rod if you are asking about the gate at Wingello i can confirm there is two. One just before the memorial carpark and one earlier but i can't remember how much earlier sorry.

rod replied 1 years ago

Thanks Damian for the update..that would make the walk in suck :(

Matt Tranter replied 1 years ago

The first gate is only about 30M from the top car park. It does mean a walk back up that bloody hill though.

Jason Lammers replied 1 years ago

Most people walked up that hill anyway. They only graded it a few years ago ??

rod replied 1 years ago

Ive never walked up it except the first day we found the crag

Simon Vaughan replied 1 years ago

One things for sure it will get the routes at La Paz side of things back into the limelight as the walk in is closer

Matt Tranter replied 1 years ago

I'm with Rod, what's that walking thingy Mr. Lammers?.

Jason Lammers replied 1 years ago

People without a 4WD never drove down the hill

Simon Vaughan replied 12 months ago

Actually they did a guy in a ute from Canberra and also a beaten up suby

rod replied 12 months ago

The roads actually in much better shape than it used to be, before it was graded it had a big rut down the middle on the top steep bit that made it slightly challenging, cant see the reason for blocking it off now though TBH

Ryan Whelan replied 12 months ago

I was there today and there is two gates. One at the very start where the national parks sign is. It was open. The other at the memorial car park. It said it was only closed until the 31st July for track repairs. There are huge boulders at the memorial car park to stop you driving down the hill but you could drive around. I always drove my ute down. It was only an issue if it rained.

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