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started this discussion 1 years ago

Climbing Fridays

I'm looking for a climbing partner (or joining a group where the 4th is required), on each Friday and occasional weekends. I'm up for anything but keen to just belay if grade are too high for me. Multi/single pitch/trad/sport. I have my own gear and some trad and happy to share it.

brent replied 1 years ago

I/we will be at tibro fri 7:30am we will probs do caves route then whatever else. three is better then two so come along :)

replied 1 years ago

I'll be there then. Unless weather is bad. Shoot me a message on what's your plan to climb once upthere so I'll take gear accordingly. Cheers. Cris

brent replied 1 years ago

once up there boags lite, my karma ran over your dogma, short and sweet and what ever else. ill have rope 60m, trad pro, draws and some lockers

replied 1 years ago

all good

Patzig replied 11 months ago

Is this still happening?

Matt Earsman replied 11 months ago

Sounds good- if life didn't get in the way.... I might not get out again until I leave for Spain next week oooh yeah!!

brent replied 11 months ago

patzig yer Friday the 18th I/we will be heading out you are welcome to come along

Matt Earsman replied 11 months ago

If I weren't in Spain I'd love to come

replied 11 months ago

Matt, do you still have the time to post between a siesta and a sangria?

Matt Earsman replied 11 months ago

Haha - of course - Spanish time means time for everything

replied 11 months ago

Ok, when you return from the greener side of the fence, you can join us for some scary climb and you can tell us all about it.

Patzig replied 10 months ago

Cool, what time and where do you usually meet?

brent replied 10 months ago

what grade are you climbing? what do you like trad? sport?

Jay Vincent replied 8 months ago

Hi, Id be keen to join you guys for a climb, however I have limited experience at outdoor climbing. I do have top roping gear though so if that is of help Im willing to share it and come along for a climb.

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Showing all 15 messages