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  • Started: 1 years ago on Jul 31, 2013

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started this discussion 1 years ago

Rocklands closure?

Can anyone advise/comment re. this article I happened to stumble across on facebook? Do we need to update the details on the site?


Thanks Campbell (Site Admin)

Branden replied 1 years ago

Yes we do need to update the details on the site. Rocklands has been going through a lot this year so far. It burned down too. I haven't had a chance to change anything in rocklands yet. But people must be aware of this...

replied 1 years ago

Thaks Branden, I've updated based on posts on climbing.co.za, hope that will do for now. Would be good if you, or someone else who's local, could update/amend as required. Thanks.

Branden replied 12 months ago

Yeah definitely when I make a trip there I will fix it as needed

replied 12 months ago

Cool, thanks.

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