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rod started this discussion 1 years ago

The Height - new route in Cave?

Anyone know if this route is a project or has been done? If the later FA, grade etc?

Ben Jenga replied 1 years ago

Where is this route?

Glenn replied 1 years ago

Im pretty sure its at the Hawkesbury Heights crag

rod replied 1 years ago

That the right crag glen..had a short day there Sunday and noticed the new route that why im asking....didn't looked like it had been climbed (ie didn't see any chalk) so checking if project or not, looks pretty new...its a local only crag ..just trying to fill gap in guide :)

Luke Spithill replied 1 years ago

Hey guys, if your talking about the one inside the first cave, right of spiderfest. it's been done, its supposed to be about a 19...

rod replied 1 years ago

Cool thats the a name?.who got the FA etc?

Luke Spithill replied 1 years ago

No idea who got the FA. I've still got to give it another try. but josh leel is the only person i've known to do it.

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Showing all 7 messages