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SCRAG started this discussion 1 years ago

split to Nördlicher Frankenjura and Südlicher Frankenjura

Should Frankenjura split to Nördlicher Frankenjura (north part) and Südlicher Frankenjura (south part) like guide books, DAV Felsinfo and so on?

Stefanie Wolf replied 1 years ago

Yes, that would be handy- good Idea!

Nicky replied 1 years ago

As long as the total number of subareas is not signification over 10 I would not propose to split just for "other make is also reasons". The map clearly shows you what is in the north and what is in the south. Also an annotation in the 'Frankenjura' subarea list will fake a split - might be that this is enough.

But in general the 'Frankenjura' needs a lot of maintenance work - somebode would like to volunteer?

SCRAG replied 1 years ago

First I would clarify that I won't add sub-categories "north" and "south" to "Frankenjura". 10 subareas could be a good rule. But the south and north part is traditional different areas. e.g. description, access infos about zoning concept and so fits only to the north part. Maybe we problem is bigger: The areas Fränkische Schweiz south-west (25 subareas) and Fränkische Schweiz north-east are not very lucky. e.g. some subareas of Fränkische Schweiz south-west contains only one(!) crag!

andreas replied 1 years ago

would be perfect if we could do it like in the books - there u have frankenjura part 1 and part 2 and a 3rd book called south frankenjura - i have part 1 and 2 and always after climbing im adding the dates as far they are not there yet - i would help to clean it up and reorganize it

Stefanie Wolf replied 1 years ago

I agree with Andreas! Those books are the guidelines for many Franken-climbers. And all the international books i saw so far are set up similar to the most popular german guidebooks, eg. 2 books, same crag drawlings...

replied 1 years ago

Sounds like there's agreement on this. Let me know if I can help with the restructuring- just send me a list of what belongs in part 1 and what in part 2. I assume these parts can be drawn on the map? Campbell (Site Admin).

SCRAG replied 1 years ago

I think "part 1" and "part 2" are not good areas for categories. Because it's a random border from books and in different guidebooks the border is different. Furthermore Thum guidebook has no border - it's only one part. :-)

Maybe it's better to combine to areas of valleys and plateaus?

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