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Discussion: Topos Started by Luke Spithill.

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  • Started: 4 years ago on Wed 9th Oct 2013

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Luke Spithill started this discussion 4 years ago.


Could someone please put up some topos, someone who knows the area well. would be greatly appreciated.

Jack Folkes replied 4 years ago.

Pick up the Sydney Bouldering Guide. A bit dated now but plenty of topos.

replied 4 years ago.

If anybody has some of their own photos then just load them up as topos so that others can draw lines on them.

Gene replied 4 years ago.

Some of the cryptic numbering in the descriptions refers to topo's on the ACA website:

they are pretty good, despite being hand drawn

Luke Spithill replied 4 years ago.

Ran into a family of other climbers who lent us the sydney bouldering guide. I think it would still be handy if someone would throw up topo's, next time i go down i'll grab some pics and throw them up( if they aren't up by then) and everyone can help outline the problems

replied 4 years ago.

I'll probably be heading up there next Tuesday with a few boulderers. If I do I'll snap away and put some topos up. Let's get the ball rolling people!

Hi Jack, the current Sydney Bouldering Guide as we know has been around for 13 years (it's my bible). I went to buy a second copy for the club I belong to and was told by the good staff of an outdoor equipment store in Kent Street (friends of mine) that it's no longer in publication. I'm happy to say though that a new guide will be on the stands come winter 2014.

All guides are out-dated the moment they hit the stands as new problems AND crags are going up in Sydney on a semi regular basis. I've been involved with the development of 17 Sydney crags over the past 24 months, also keeping in mind there are other Sydney based bouldering developers out there as well. So it stands to reason that is the one true way of keeping an accurate data base for crags we chalk up at. Ranger Dave and I have a google map data base of new crags we discover that we want to develop. Currently we have about 15 in the vault for both climbing and bouldering. The new Sydney Guide to Bouldering will be well out-dated 6 months after it hits the shelves.

Keep up dating theCrag guys and keep the climbing community up to date!

replied 4 years ago.

Gene, are you joining us on Tuesday???

Jack Folkes replied 4 years ago.

Hey Brendan, yeah I know it's old now and yes, I know about the new guide due out. I'm doing the same sort of development around Nowra that you are doing up there... I've currently got 6 completely new crags on the go, so far with problems up to V7. My long term aim is to have a south coast bouldering guide. Will also be doing a mini guide or 2 for some of the areas later this year.

replied 4 years ago.

Nothing better than a new guide for some rock action! Good luck with that Jack. Awesome to hear about the new crags as well.

Heads up after the current crag is developed there'll be an interesting piece of rock developed by Geoff Marshall and a mate of his soon. I found this overhanging cave, much like Spinning Blades Of Steel cave but on a smaller scale, which will offer some amazing problems here in Sydney. Out of my league which is why I've handed it over to GM.

Jack Folkes replied 4 years ago.

Nice... Looking forward to it.

I also didn't include the already tapped out crag (great basalt climbing, just not many problems...) And of course the DWS development.....

Gene replied 4 years ago.

Hey Brendan sorry only just noticed your post. I'm working up the mountains full time these days so after work sessions at frontline are no longer possible

replied 4 years ago.

You know what that tells me Gene?! time for a new job!

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