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  • Started: 3 years ago on Sun 2nd Aug 2015

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Phillip Booth started this discussion 3 years ago.

Should this get re-graded

After doing this climb today the crux seemed tough for the grade - especially relative to the rest of the crag.

Also notice someone mentioned that a crucial hold has come off since first ascent.

Not sure what grade it should be, maybe 19?

Any opinions on the grade and if it should be re-graded?


replied 3 years ago.

The climb on FA actually started right and came across, ie line of least resistance, I think it more a misread than hard, following bolts rather than real life features..I climbed it a year ago from memory and much the same in that all orig holds there..note just my opinion happy if people want to change it just giving ym view of why I graded it as such.

Phillip Booth replied 3 years ago.

Ah I see, maybe adding a "direct start" variant and adding a more detailed description is all that's needed then.

I'll wait to see if there are any more opinions before making any amendments?


replied 3 years ago.

Yeah maybe but once you do the move your at that 1st bolt, just have to pick the right moves ..but happy to go with consensus...its not that great a route anyway...just a filler

jordan replied 3 years ago.

Starting right is how I figured out the first moves. I was surprised at how hard the start was, but the second half of the climb wasn't hard at all. So figured the grade was fine

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