Routes as sport in Little River Canyon

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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Lizard Wall
5.10c Cedar Poke Sport 4
5.11b Stella Blue Sport 5
5.12a Clementine Sport 4
5.12a Remains of the Day Sport 7
5.11d Shewell Route Sport 6
5.12a Ripple Sport 8
5.11d Avox Sport 6
5.11a Lemonade Sport 5
5.11c Bon Voyage Sport 6
5.11d Allthea Sport 5
5.11d Grey Streak Sport 4
5.11d Rotten Pillar Sport 5
5.12d Decay

Extension past the anchor of Rotten Pillar through the roof.

Sport 9
5.12b/c Dark Star Sport 5
5.12b/c Permatorque Sport 7
5.13a Full Torque (Variation)

Continue through the anchors of Permatorque.

Sport 9
5.12c Short Doug Sport 4
5.13a Double D (Variation)

First three bolts of Short Doug, 6th bolt of Robyn's Route, move to 5th bolt of Long Doug and finish on Long Doug anchor.

Sport 10
5.12b Robyn's Route Sport 6
5.12c/d Long Doug Sport 10
5.12d Ron Swanson Sport 8
5.13a Agent Orange Sport 5
5.11d Kin Sport 6
5.12a Jesse James Sport 6
5.12a Maurice Corner Sport 8
5.12b/c Snake Sport 5
5.12b/c Gecko Sport 7
Project SportProject
5.12b/c Supplication Sport 5
5.12c Elevator Door Sport 6
5.11d Yellow Sling Sport 5
5.11c Sodomy Sport 7
Jungle Gym
5.11d Zulu King Sport 6
5.12a Leopard Sport 6
5.11c Out of Africa Sport 4
5.12d Orangutang Sport 5
5.12b Greystoke


Sport 6
5.12b Tusk Sport 6
5.13a Big Bird Sport 7
5.13a Gaboon Sport 7
5.12b Bushwhack


Sport 5
5.11d Cheetah Sport 6
5.12b Black Mamba Sport 6
5.12b Jungle Fever Sport 5
5.12d Variation Sport 7
5.12d Heart of Darkness Sport 7
5.12b Tarzan


Sport 7
5.12a Jane

FA: Mark Cole

Sport 5
5.12b Boy

FA: Mark Cole

Sport 6
5.12c Rumble in the Jungle

FA: Jake Slaney

Sport 6
5.12b Lion

FA: Dave Shewell

Sport 6
5.11d Slick Willie Sport 6
5.10b Obsession Sport 8
5.11a Sickle Sport 6
5.11a Ego East Sport 5
5.11b Buster Brown Sport 6
5.11d Touch of Grey Sport 7
5.11d JDR Sport 6
5.11d Gray Matter


Sport 6
5.12b Monkey Tails Sport 3
5.11b Green Ramp Sport 5
5.13b Six Sport 6
5.12d Porter's Arete Sport 7

Showing all 63 routes.