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Showing all 14 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Whekenui (CLOSED)
23 On Patrol
Unknown 28m
21 Orchestrated Litany of Lunges

FA: J Mc Callum

Unknown 7m
21 Separation Anxiety

FA: B Davies

Unknown 10m
20 Jungle Judy
Unknown 14m
18 Blind Paratroopers

FA: C Morris

Unknown 8m
19 Wet Dreams
Unknown 8m
16 Helen
Unknown 6m
18 Collector
Unknown 8m
19 Nutless
Unknown 13m
The Plateau (CLOSED)
21 Something outrageous 1st pitch

FA: G.Davidson

Unknown 25m
22 Lord Kim Strike Me Down
Unknown 9m
21 Slave to the Rythm
21 Shneiderburner
Unknown 15m
Up De Do Da (CLOSED)
19 Rumble in the Jungle
Unknown 40m

Showing all 14 routes.