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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Portland Blacknor North Blacknor Far North
{FR} 4a Reinheitsgebot Sport
{FR} 6a+ Another one for the pot Sport
{FR} 7a Slim Finger's revenge Sport
{FR} 6b Boiled lobster Sport
{FR} 5c Myster stripper Sport
{FR} 5c Ghost writer Sport
{FR} 2 Absolute beginners Sport
{FR} 3+ No name corner Sport
{FR} 6c Chin reaction Sport
{FR} 7a Meltdown Sport
{FR} 7a+ Quakin' in My Bones Sport
{FR} 7b Sellerfield Sport
{FR} 6a+ The Taylor show Sport
{FR} 6b+ Living the dream Sport
{FR} 7a+ Death of Cool Sport
{FR} 6c+ Drag Racing Underground Sport
Portland Blacknor North Drag Racing Area
{FR} 6b+ Seattle Be The Day Sport
{FR} 6c The Fabulous Bakery Boys Sport
{FR} 6b Captain Lob Meets the Nipple Pincher Sport
{FR} 6a Grease Paint and Monkey Brains Sport
{FR} 6a Indian Summer Sport
{FR} 6c Blowing Chunks Sport
{FR} 7a+ Where's Blue Hippo Sport
{FR} 7a Beer and Corruption Sport
{FR} 7a+ Henry Rollins for president Sport
{FR} 6c Wynona's big brown beaver Sport
{FR} 6b+ Ximenesque Sport
{FR} 6c+ In Dust we Trust Sport
Portland Blacknor North Wolfgang Forever Area
{FR} 7a+ Ironhead Sport
{FR} 6a Meg's Got Leukaemia Sport
{FR} 6a Cinema Paradiso Sport
{FR} 7a Skin flick Sport
{FR} 6a Captain Klutz and the Sailors of Fortune Sport
{FR} 6c Major Mushrooms and that Mentally Muffled Mentality Sport
{FR} 6a Unknown Sport
{FR} 7a Is Vic There? Sport
{FR} 7a+ Sanfte Kuss Sport
{FR} 7a Wolfgang Forever Sport
{FR} 7c Popeye Doyle Sport
{FR} 7b+ French connection UK Sport
{FR} 6b Very Sleepy River

FA: Damian Cook, 1992

{FR} 7a+ Edge Hog Sport
{FR} 7a+ Apple Turn Overload Sport
{FR} 6c+ Toes Curl Sport
{FR} 8a Freaky Ralph Sport
Portland Blacknor North Reptile Smile Area
{FR} 6a+ Aim High, Shoot Low Sport
{FR} 6c Downtown Julie Brown Sport
{FR} 6a+ Reptile Smile Sport
{FR} 5+ Talking Smack Sport
{FR} 5 Slings Shot Sport
{FR} 6a Crocadilla Sport
{FR} 7b Spanner Eyes Sport
{FR} 7a+ Englands Dreaming Sport
{FR} 6a Cake Walk Sport
{FR} 6b The tea-cake path Sport
{FR} 6a+ California hot licks Sport
{FR} 5+ Apfel Strudel Sport
{FR} 6b Doughnuts and Duvets Sport
{FR} 6b+ Dwarf Lops Sport
{FR} 6c Suck, Dont Blow Sport
{FR} 6a Mothers Milk Sport
{FR} 6b Do You Like Our Owls Sport
{FR} 7a Hot From the Forge Sport
{FR} 7b+ Imbolc Sport
{FR} 7a Onto the Ice Flow Sport
Portland Blacknor North
{FR} 6a Reptile Smile Sport 30m
Portland Blacknor Central Twangy Pearl Area
{FR} 6a Shit Happens, Actually

FA: Mike Robertson, 1993

Portland Blacknor Central Portland Heights Area
{FR} 7a+ Dizzy up the Girl Sport
{FR} 6a+ Gaze of the Gorgon Sport
{FR} 7a+ Sniffin glue Sport
{FR} 7b+ Athenian Tactics Sport
{FR} 7b Corinthian Spirit Sport
{FR} 7a+ Cybernetic Orchard Sport
{FR} 7b I walk the line Sport
{FR} 7a Portland Heights Sport
{FR} 7a+ Grand Larceny Sport
{FR} 6b+/c Burning Skies

FA: Pete Oxley, 1995

{FR} 6c+ Isle Of Slingers Sport
{FR} 6b+ Lord Stublock Deepvoid Breaks the Chain of Causation Sport
{FR} 7a+ Dusty bedrock in need of careful preparation Sport
{FR} 7b+ Cocteau Phenomena Sport
{FR} 6c+ The chronicles of Vladimir Sport
{FR} 6b+ Ausfahrt Sport
{FR} 7a+ Screw the Roses, Send me the Thorns Sport
{FR} 7a The Shells, The Shells Sport
{FR} 6b+ Driven Like the Snow Sport
{FR} 6b+ Return To Roissy Sport
{FR} 7a Last Rose of Summer Sport
{FR} 7a+ Through the Barricades Sport
{FR} 7a Step away from Gingga Sport
{FR} 6c Babelicious Redhead Sport
{FR} 6c+ Chasing the Sun Sport
{FR} 6c+ The Angry Sea Sport
{FR} 6a+ The wrecked finger Sport
Portland Blacknor South Sacred Angel Area
{FR} 7a Dirty Cow
{FR} 6c+ Spontaneous Cattle Combustion
{FR} 7a How Now Brown Cow
{FR} 6a+ Talk
{FR} 6b/b+ Toe the Line

FA: Joff Cook, 1995

{FR} 7a Sacred Angel

FA: H. Venables, 1989

FFA: Steve Taylor, 1993


Showing 1 - 100 out of 538 routes.