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Showing all 65 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
VD Alldred's Original Trad 6m
VS 4b Nightmare Trad 8m
HS 4b Wedge Trad 8m
S 4a Glister Wall Trad 10m
E2 5c The Golden Tower Trad 24m
HVS 5a Terror Cotta Trad 21m
E1 5a Many Happy Returns Trad 15m
Trowbarrow Diamond Wall
E1 5a Lonely Wall Trad 12m
E3 6a Little Lil Trad 10m
Trowbarrow Suspension Wall
VS 4c PPC Madness Trad 15m
Trowbarrow Washday Wall
E2 Facial Gymnastics Trad 15m
HVS 5b Biological Agent K9 Trad 10m
Trowbarrow Lower Wall
VS 4c Quick Nick Trad 9m
Trowbarrow Yellow Wall
E2 5c Teardrop Trad 13m
Trowbarrow Main Wall
E4 5c Ashes to Ashes Trad 25m
E3 5c Heroes Trad 27m
E2 5b Warspite Direct Trad 25m
E4 5c The an Who Fell to Earth Trad 26m
HVS 5a Hollow Earth
1 5a
2 5a
Trad 27m, 2
VS 4c Harijan Trad
E2 5c A Touch of Class Trad 29m
E5 6a Moondance Trad 27m
E2 5c Major Tom Trad 32m
E4 5c Eek Trad 30m
VS 4c Jean Jeanie Trad 30m
E6 6a Blow Out Trad 30m
E1 5a Aladdinsane Trad 29m
E2 5b Cracked Actor Trad 30m
Trowbarrow Front
HVS 5a Sluice
1 5a
2 5a
Trad 31m, 2
Troy Quarry The West Face
S 4a Right Siamese Trad 12m
Cold Stone Crag
E1 5b The Jackdaw Trad 7m
E2 5b The Jackal Trad 9m
HVS 5a Kerouac Trad 7m
E1 5b Jackanory Trad 7m
HS 4a Jumping Jack Flash Trad 6m
S 4a Jack It Up Trad 6m
HVS 5b Jolly Jack Tar Trad 7m
HVS 5b Jack The Ripper Trad 7m
VS 4c Donkey Jacket Trad 10m
HS 4b Jacksonville Trad 10m
VD Jack The Lad Trad 10m
VD Jack Frost Trad 8m
D Uncle Jack's Blue and White Army Trad 8m
Warton Small Quarry
VS 4c The Leaning Tower Trad 10m
E2 5c Quasimodo Trad 10m
VD Original Route Trad 10m
HVS 5b Great Flake Direct Trad 9m
VS 4c Bogie's Groove Trad 8m
Chew Valley Standing Stones 'Standing Stones
HVD Nong Trad
Jack Scout Crag
VS 4c Brant's Little Brother Trad 18m
HVS 5a Crying Crocodile Trad 15m
VS 4b Laughing Hyena Trad 15m
Witches Quarry
HS 4b Cracklap

A really nice left slanted crack.

Trad 17m
S 4a Walpurgis Eve
Trad 10m
S 4a Serenity
Trad 10m
VD Nance
Trad 10m
Cow's Mouth Quarry
HS 4c Route 1 Trad 10m
HVS 5a Route 2 Trad 10m
VS 4c Slabmaster

Joins Route 2 at the end.

Trad 10m
E5 6a Daytona Wall Trad 10m
HS 4c Seasy Trad 9m
HS 4b Groovin' Trad 6m
HVS 5a Los Endos Trad 7m
S 4b Flipper Trad 6m
VS 4c Flopper Trad 6m

Showing all 65 routes.