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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Velicka Stena
{UIAA} 5- Biely Vylom

5 pitches-3 hours.Walked off and down via Granatove Lavky

Unknown 250m
{UIAA} 6 Galfy Route

7 pitches of grade 6 climbing. Beautiful view. Hard climbing

FA: Galfy

Unknown 350m
Gerlachsky Stit 2654m
{UIAA} 3 Martinovka

A classic ridge route that leads to the highest point in Slovakia.Difficult route finding.Begins at Litvorove Sedlo-2385m, Litvorova Veza-2547m,Velka Litvorova Veza-2581m,Zadni Gerlach-2616m,Gerlachsky Stit-2654m. Fantastic, exposed and the views are excellent. The climbing is not difficult.Takes about 8 hours. Begin early!!

Unknown 300m

Showing all 3 routes.