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Showing all 18 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
5.10a If Frogs Had Wings
Unknown 8m
5.12a Iron Cross
Unknown 12m
5.6 Silly Little Corner
Unknown 12m
5.8 The Trial
Unknown 12m
5.5 Goodbye Mr. Lizzard
Unknown 14m
5.12c R Fortitude
Unknown 12m
5.12c S Not 'Til Verdon
Unknown 17m
5.11a King Of Swing
Unknown 17m
5.11b King Of Swing Direct Finish
5.10a Bubba's Big Adventure
Unknown 18m
5.11b Bubba's Big Adventure Direct Start
5.7 Ratz Holm
Unknown 18m
5.9 The Metamorphosis
Unknown 21m
5.9 Just Another Crack
Unknown 12m
5.10a Mid-Height Crisis
Unknown 15m
5.10b Daily Waste
Unknown 18m
5.11a R Face Value
Unknown 18m
5.8 C.T. Crack
Unknown 11m

Showing all 18 routes.