Routes as trad in Count's Buttress to The Big C Area

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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Count's Buttress Area
VS 5b Amoeba on the Edge of Time Trad 6m
VS 5a Bon Ami Trad 6m
VS 4c The Stretcher Trad 9m
S Flaked Traverse Trad 10m
E5 6b The Trickledown Fairy Trad 10m
HS 4b Flaked Crack Trad 10m
E2 6b Shock Horror Slab Trad 9m
VD Prickly Crack Trad 9m
VS 5a Lino Trad 12m
E1 5c Mop Up Trad 9m
HVS 5b Basil Brush Trad 9m
D Scraped Crack Trad 8m
HVS 5b Dracula Trad 9m
E2 6a Anxiety Attack 2 Trad 9m
S 4a B Crack Trad 9m
Count's Buttress
VS 4c Count's Crack Trad 12m
HVS 5a Count's Crack Left-Hand Finish Trad
E2 5c The Count Trad 14m
E2 5c Count's Buttress Trad 16m
E2 5c Count's Buttress Right-Hand Finish Trad
E2 6a Count Me Out Trad 15m
E3 6a Count's Buttress Direct Trad 14m
E2 5c Abacus Trad 16m
E3 5c Counterblast Trad 16m
HVS 5b Count's Wall Trad 17m
E2 5b Counterfeit Trad 14m
D Count's Chimney Trad 14m
HVS 5c Touched Trad 14m
E6 6b The Cool Curl Trad 15m
E4 6a Out for the Count Trad 13m
VD Nightride Corner Trad 6m
Nightmare Slab
E2 6a Sleepwalker Trad 8m
E3 6b Nightrider Trad 9m
E2 6b Daydreamer Trad 9m
E3 6b Dream Boat Trad 9m
E1 5b Nightmare Slab Trad 9m
E1 5c Insomniac Trad
S 4a Eden Arete Trad 6m
E4 6a Conundrum Trad 7m
VS 5a Beaky Trad 7m
VS 4b Mini Motor Mile Trad 7m
HVS 5c Motor Mile Trad 7m
HVS 4c Trench Deadlock Trad 7m
VS 4c Jude Trad 8m
HVS 5b Duchess Trad 10m
E3 5c Limitsville Trad 8m
HVD Centurion's Dexter Trad 10m
D Centurion's Slab Trad 10m
HVS 5a Small Reward Trad 6m
VD Small Change Trad 6m
S Imposter Trad 8m
VS 5a The Big C Trad 7m
VS 5a The Big C Left-Hand Trad
VS 5b Interlude Trad
S 4b No Man Trad 8m
VS 5a High Tide Trad 7m
E1 5b What I've Done Trad
VS 4c Naughtical Slab Trad
HVS 5b Time and Tide Trad 6m
E2 5b Waiting for M.I.B. Trad 8m
E2 5b Meninblack II Trad 7m
VS 5a For Ever and Ever Trad
VS 4c Whacky Attack Trad 6m
E3 6a Black Attack Trad 7m

Showing all 64 routes.