Routes as trad in High Neb and High Neb Buttress

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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
High Neb
HS 4b High Neb Girdle Traverse Trad 110m
E1 5b Teenage Lobotomy Trad 9m
VS 4c Caved In Trad 12m
S Cave Buttress Trad 15m
E1 5b Jeepers Creepers Trad 15m
E3 5c High and Wild Trad 15m
HS Typical Grit Trad 10m
D Grit in the Eyes Trad
D Little Slab Trad 14m
HS 4c Sneezy Trad 12m
S 4b It's a Cracker Trad 12m
D Mantleshelf Climb Trad 14m
M Ami Trad 14m
MS 4b Cave Buttress Right-Hand Trad 12m
High Neb Buttress
HVS 5a The Dalesman Trad 22m
E4 6a Old Friends Trad 19m
E4 6b The Modest Carpenter Trad 22m
E6 6b The Crypt Trip Trad 19m
HVS 5a High Neb Edge Trad 20m
VS 4c High Neb Buttress Trad 20m
VS 5a High Neb Buttress Variation Trad 20m
E High Neb Gully Trad 18m
HVS 5a Where did my Tan Go? Trad 14m
HS 5a Tango Buttress Trad 14m
VD Tango Crack Trad 14m
S Lost Soul Trad 14m
S Limbo Trad 14m
VS 5a Following On Trad 12m
D Boyd's Crack Trad 12m
E1 5b Cent Trad 12m
D Neb Corner Trad 11m
HVS 5b Sogines Trad 11m
E3 6a The Logic Book Trad 11m
E3 6a King Kong Trad 12m
MVS 5a Norse Corner Climb Trad 16m
S 4a Kelly's Variation Trad 14m
HVS 5b Silence Trad 14m
E2 5c Quietus Trad 14m
E4 6a Quietus Right-Hand Trad 14m
E3 6a Quietus Middle Leg Trad 15m
VD Eckard's Chimney Trad 14m
HS 4a Eckard's Arete Trad 14m
E3 6a Impossible Slab Trad 14m
VS 4c Inaccessible Crack Trad 16m
VS 4c Inaccessible Crack Direct Start Trad
E4 5c The Beautician Trad 14m
E1 5b Overflow Trad 20m
HS 5a Inaccessible Slab Trad 7m
VD Inaccessible Slab (Left Hand Corner Exit) Trad
E2 5c Mouthpiece Trad 15m
E1 5c Kelly's Overhang Trad 15m
S Twisting Crack Trad 14m
S 4a Eric's Eliminate Trad 14m
S 4b Straight Crack Trad 12m
VS 5a Gunter Trad 10m
HVS 5c Way Fruitsome Experience Trad 6m
D Old Man Trad 6m
VD Youth Trad 8m
VS 5a Point Five Crack Trad 9m
VS 4c Icy Crack Trad 9m
D Frosty Trad 9m
VD Warm Afternoon Trad 9m
VD Ice Cream Flakes Trad 8m
S Side Plate Trad 8m
VS 4c Side-wall Trad 7m
D Staircase Rib Trad 9m
VS 4c Hands Trad 15m
VS 5a Feet Trad 15m
HVS 5b Solo Slab Trad 9m
HD Duo Crack Climb Trad 9m
VS 5a Rinty Trad 9m
E2 5c Fate

The middle of the slab with useful shallow pockets. Not much in the way of gear, side runners on left possible. Hard for the short.

FA: Gary Gibson

Trad 8m
D Uno Crack Trad 9m
S Ono Trad 8m
D Pleasant Slab Trad 6m

Showing all 75 routes.