Routes as trad in Cosmic Buttress to Twin Buttress

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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Cosmic Buttress
VS 4b Cosmos Trad 8m
E1 6a Hale-Bopp Trad 9m
VS 4c Cosmic Crack Trad 10m
HVS 5a Quantum Crack Trad 9m
VS 5a Electron Trad 10m
HS 4b X-Ray Trad 10m
S 4a Beanpod Trad 10m
HVS 5a Pulse Trad 6m
HVS 5c Ginger Tom Trad 7m
VS 5b Lucky Trad 7m
VS 5b Kitten Trad 8m
HVS 5c Puss Trad 8m
HVS 6a Pup Trad 8m
VD Jam Good Trad 8m
Exodus Buttress
S Radox Trad 7m
HVS 5b Sudoxe Trad 8m
E1 5b Sudoxe Direct Finish Trad
VS 5a Treatment Trad 6m
HVS 5a E.M.F. Trad 7m
HVS 5b Misssing Numbers Trad 8m
HVS 5b Leviticus Trad 10m
HVS 5b Deuteronomy Trad 10m
E1 5b The Cracks Between Trad 10m
HVS 5a Exodus Trad 10m
E2 5b Cheeky Little Number Trad 9m
E1 5c The Other Effect Trad 7m
E2 5c Thalidomide Trad 8m
VS 4c Side Effect Trad 9m
S 5a Spectacle Trad 8m
HVS 5a Bandits in the Woods Trad 8m
HS 4b Lepton Trad 8m
VD Meson Trad 9m
VS 5a Quark Trad 10m
HS 4b Ventured Point Trad 9m
E1 5c Th'ickle Buttress Trad 6m
D Twin Set Trad
Twin Buttress
HS 4b Quadrille Trad 6m
HD Quadrangle Trad
E2 5c Hardly Hyperkeratosis Trad 7m
E1 5b Seranata Trad 7m
HS 4b Frank Sinatra Trad 7m
VD Bow Crack Trad 7m
E1 5b Certainly Parakeratosis Trad 8m
E3 6a Lysteria Hysteria Trad 9m
HVS 6a Bottomless Crack Trad 8m
VS 5a Undercut Crack Trad 8m
VS 4b Straight Variation Trad
VD 4b Pull and Step Trad 6m

Showing all 48 routes.