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Showing all 32 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
{FR} 6C Oktoberfest Boulder
{FR} 6B Oktoberfest light Boulder
{FR} 6C Oktoberfest retour Boulder
{FR} 5A With Riss Boulder
{FR} 6A Without Riss Boulder
{FR} 6A+ Cocktail Boulder
{FR} 6A Rock me Boulder
{FR} 6C Das Ding Boulder
{FR} 7A Geigerzähler Boulder
{FR} 6B Dingtraverse Boulder
{FR} 5B Spaghettifresser Boulder
{FR} 6A+ Dracula Boulder
{FR} 7A Wonderland Boulder
{FR} 5C Fauna und Flora Boulder
{FR} 5B Der Eunuch Boulder
{FR} 5B Schuppenzwerg Boulder
{FR} 6B Relax Boulder
{FR} 5B Fudhook Boulder
{FR} 7B Escalada loco Boulder
{FR} 6C Superkantendiagonale Boulder
{FR} 4 Waldschratt Boulder
{FR} 6A Fitt im Granit Boulder
{FR} 6C Hexentanz Boulder
{FR} 6A+ Fick im Granit Boulder
{FR} 5A Bibergeil Boulder
{FR} 5C Death behind you Boulder
{FR} 6A Ompa Lompa Boulder
{FR} 4 Bullshit Boulder
{FR} 6A+ The real Bullshit Boulder
{FR} 5A Sommeregen Boulder
{FR} 5A Hau-Ruck Boulder
{FR} 6A+ Pegasus Boulder

Showing all 32 routes.