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Showing all 35 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
S 4b Impure, Grey and Mildly Threatening Trad 6m
HVS 5b Narlavision Trad 7m
VS 5a Standing Around Trying Trad 7m
HVS 5b Sittin' Here Drinkin' Trad 7m
E1 5b Mate Trad 7m
VD Cheque Trad 7m
E3 6a Frankie Ferocious Trad 7m
E2 5c Giro Trad 9m
HS 4b P.O. Crack Trad 8m
HD Jammed Stone Chimney Trad 8m
HS 4b Slanting Chimney Trad 10m
MVS 4b The Coign Trad 16m
VS 5a Outlook Slab

After staring up the crack between blocks (start of The Coign), climb the centre of the slab with horizontal cracks.

FA: Martin Veale, 1978

Trad 16m
HS 4b Wall End Crack Direct Trad 16m
S 4a Wall End Crack Trad 16m
E1 5b Death and Night and Blood Trad 18m
VS 4c Wall End Flake Crack

Climb the start of Wall End Crack Direct until the sloping ramp to the right. Follow this to the alert of two cracks and follow to the top.

FA: Fred Piggott & friends

Trad 20m
HS 4b Wall End Holly Tree Crack Trad 18m
E1 5b I Never Said It Was Any Good Trad 18m
HVD 4a Helfenstein's Struggle Trad 20m
VS 4b Saul's Arete Trad 22m
HVS 5b Dark Angel Trad 21m
E4 5c Don Trad 22m
E3 5b The Archangel Trad 22m
HVS 5a Goliath's Groove Trad 22m
HVS 5a Doncaster's Route Trad 24m
E6 6b Ulysses Trad 20m
HS 4b Holly Bush Gully Left Trad 20m
E5 6a White Wand Trad 23m
E1 5b Leaps and Bounds Trad 20m
VS 4c The Wall End Traverse Trad 70m
MVD Holly Bush Gully Right Trad 20m
E5 6b Gnome Man's Land Trad 20m
VS 4a Fairy Steps Trad 16m
HVS 5c Double Act Trad 12m

Showing all 35 routes.