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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Chli Schijen Vorgipfel
4a Südostgrat

This is marked as an old climb. Inspect the bolts before starting

7a Mut zur Wut Sport
7a Karachi Sport
5c Nordostwand Sport
5c Probierwand Sport
5a Nordwand

Marked in gold

5c Degalo

marked in gold

4a Ahorn-Riss

You will need your own protection on this climb

Chli Schijen Westgipfel
C6 Renaissance Sport
9 Projekt offen

Same start as Renaissance

9 Projekt Sport
8b+ Feudel des Bösen


9a Brissago extra

This is a combination of Feudel des Bösen and Pantheon

9a Pantheon Part 2 Sport
8b+ Arcobaleno

The start is a bolder problem

8b Dynamokante

The first part is very athletic and then moves into Dyno moves

{US} FR:7b Californian Desire Sport 40m
6b+ Athletikus Variante links

As the name suggests (very athletic)

6a Athletikus

As the name suggests (very athletic)

6c+ Harakiri Sport
6c L'escapade Sport
7b Dachkante

Start from L'escapade sustained for the rest

7a+ Dur, bien sur Sport
6b+ Stink Pink

One of the best 6c climbs here

7a+ Snäse

Start from Stink Pink then right

Mr. Mojo Risin Sport
7c Dällebach

Athletic, underclings, and dynos

6c+ Hans Bärchtold Sport
5c Das Tal, der Stein und wir

The start is a beginners bolder problem

5c+ Tis Sport
6a La Sport
5b+ Mercy

Start same as La

6c Merona Sport
6c+ Unknown Sport
{US} FR:5b A1 Technikus Sport 40m
{US} A1 Nach alter Väter Sitte... Sport 40m
Route 10 Sport 40m
Chli Schijen Kleiner Westgipfel
5b Rote Punkte Sport 20m
7a+ Cali Cali Sport 20m
7a+ Trial & Error Sport 20m
6b+ Wassermann

Very technical

Sport 20m
4c Unknown

Nice long route with some really fun sections

Sport 25m, 12
5b+ Pfusbus Sport 15m, 6
3 Grat Sport 10m, 4
Chli Schijen Sporn
5b Klemmen und Stemmen Sport
5b JFK Sport
7b+ Sporn-Direkt Sport
7a+ Unknown Sport
4b Tännliroute Sport
4c Unknown 1 Sport
Chli Schijen Hauptgipfel
5a Schattenwand Sport
4 NW-Grat

First route on the far left.

Sport 28m, 12
5b NW-Grat Direkt

Start 5 meters left of NW-Grant and straight up. Shares same anchor as NW-Grant.

Crack gets very wet and stays wet for days, but you dont really need it

Sport 22m, 10
6a+ Topröpler Sport 15m, 8
5b+/c Aufseilstelle

To right of Unknown step out on to the "void" then up the slab into the corner, then step across the face and up and over avoiding the roof

Sport 15m, 8
4+ Crossroads Sport 18m, 8
4a Crossroads escape

Same start as Crossroads

Sport 18m, 8
4a S-Verschneidung Sport
4b Chnorzriss Sport 8
Chli Schijen Nordgipfel
5a Ybriger Wäg Sport
Unknown Sport
6b Unknown 2 Sport
4a Schulterriss Sport
Chli Schijen Spielwiese
2 Topropstand für verschiedene Varianten Sport
5a Geburiroute Sport
5c+ Hang on Snoopy Sport
Technoroute Sport
Chli Schijen Nadel
8a Geduldig und stark Sport
4a Unknown Sport
3 weit-blick.ch Sport
Gross Schijen
R1 Sport
6a+ Steinmetz Sport 25m
6a Einstiegsvariante Sport 25m
6a+ Alma Sport 25m
6b Himmelsleiter Sport 25m
5c R6 Sport
5c R7 Sport
6a Wolkenbruch Sport 25m
6b Alpinreise Sport 25m
6b+ The Bright Side of Life Sport 25m
7c In Search of Excellence Sport 25m
6c Pretty Woman Sport 25m
7a+ Projekt Eigerwand Sport 25m
6c Freundschaftsweg Sport 25m
6c+ Weg durch die Mitte Sport 25m
6c Startschuss Sport 25m
6c Dr' Sexli Trütsch Sport 25m
6b Augenweide Sport 25m
6c+ Tante Ju Sport 40m, 2
5c+ Sightseeing Sport 25m
6c Route 12 Sport 12m
7a Route 13 Sport 12m
5c+ Route 14 Sport 12m

Showing all 93 routes.