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Are you interested in reaching out to the climbing community, increase brand awareness, or simply widen your sales funnel? It doesn’t matter if you are a globally operating gear manufacturer, a country specific online shop or a local business or accommodation, here is why advertising on theCrag is the solution for you:

  • Worldwide, country specific or regional reach - it is your choice
  • Truly multilingual platform - offering global reach with a local flavour
  • World's largest rock climbing & bouldering platform in terms of content
  • Most comprehensive and most innovative climbing platform - releasing new features on a regular basis
  • Indoor and outdoor offering - reaching all types of climbers
  • Community created and maintained - maintaining the true spirit of climbing
  • On-line and PDF guides ads - you will be taking to the crag
  • Contest and competition offerings - engage with our users

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Your ads will be shown online at the level sponsored by you and all levels below it and potentially in any PDF guides generated for the areas you sponsor. theCrag offers you the opportunity to target your customers worldwide, on country, region or even crag level ensuring that your marketing budget is taking its effect where you want it to.

Please refer to Specifications for Direct Ads for technical details.

Contests and CompetitionsBack to contents

Engage with the community on local, regional or global level using theCrag competitions and create exciting, branded events. Please refer to theCrag Contest for more details or Contact us directly.

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