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Grade Route Gear style Quality Difficulty
Sun 12th Dec 2021 - Siurana
La Capella
8c+ 8c+/9a Jungle Speed

Yes! Probably my hardest flash so far, at least I really struggled and had to fight 😅 8c+/9a, hard to grade after the flash since I definitely didn’t climb it optimally.. Thanks for the beta and support Alfons 🙏

Sport 15m Average
Fri 6th Nov 2020 - Achleiten
8b Rocketman

Thanks to misha for the perfect beta! Pretty hard for 8b

Sport 20m Classic
Wed 7th Oct 2020 - Secret Crag
8c Goldrausch

Wow such an amazing one!! thanks for the beta and showing us this line Heiko!!

Sport Mega Classic
Sun 4th Oct 2020 - Wilder Kaiser
Schleierwasserfall Graue Wand
8c+ Lichtjahre

After a relaxed breakfast at my girlfriend’s parents place, we drove to Schleierwasserfall and I warmed up with a 7c route. My buddy Mischa Piccolruaz tried the route Lichtjahre and so I was able to watch him closely and get a good impression of the route.

I was psyched to give it a go as well and after Mischa convinced me I should even try to flash it, I warmed up at the fingerboard and went through the route mentally before I attempted it. The route went really well, I loved the style and I felt on top of my game so I could flash it pretty solidly.

It always takes two, though, to achieve a flash: someone who does the work and checks out the route and then is able to talk you through. It was Mischa who gave me such great support, thanks buddy!

Lichtjahre is located in the grey sector of the Schleierwasserfall, where the routes are slightly shorter (about 20m), it's one of the best routes of the crag and I can only recommend it

Right next to it there are a couple routes that I already knew, as for example Mercy Street which is pretty similar in style so I knew what to expect. A lot of sharp holds and quite difficult from the start. Some bouldery sections with long and powerful moves but good holds. Closer to the end you need to keep it together as it’s all about endurance.

One of the trickier parts was where a big foot hold had broken away a few months ago. Many say the route got a lot harder since then. Even before it was a hard 8c, so it’s absolutely fair for Alex Megos to say it’s an 8c+ now. After flashing something it's always hard to grade it but I think 8c+ could be right, although it didn't feel much harder than Mercy Street for me, so one could argue it's still 8c, we will see what other people will say

Due to my biceps tendon injury I had to adapt my training. Rock climbing proved great for my recovery, so I climbed a lot recently, improved my endurance and that’s why I feel super comfortable on the rocks these days. Psyche for more!

Sport 25m Classic
Sun 10th Nov 2019 - Margalef
Raco De La Finestra
8c+ 8c+/9a Victimes Del Futur

My hardest flash so far! People call it 9a since two things broke in the crux but could very well still be 8c+, hard to tell with just one try on it. Love the bouldery style!

Sport 25m, 10 Good
Sat 10th Nov 2018 - Scheabichl
7b+ Harry Has It All Sport
8a+ Baumkrone Sport
Mon 8th Jan 2018 - Santa Linya
Cova Gran
8a+ Irak Attack


Sport 18m Very Good
Mar 2016 - Otiñar
8c+ Tres Satélites - with Jakob Schubert Sport
Mon 21st Nov 2011 - Mišja Peč
8b Marioneta

japanese beta

Sport 19m, 8 Very Good
Thu 21st Apr 2011 - Piburger See
8a+ Metamorphose Sport Very Good
Sun 23rd May 2010 - Armelen
8c der schwarze Schwan

YEAH! amazing route! thx to the Özis:Heiko, Luke and Babsy!

Sport 20m Classic
Thu 22nd Apr 2010 - Oliana
Contrafort de Rumbau
8c El gran blau

wuhuu 50 meters of joy! thx Fuzzy!!!

Sport 50m Classic
Mon 19th Apr 2010 - Margalef
8b+ Darwin Dixit

really soft...

Sport Very Good
Thu 19th Nov 2009 - Mišja Peč
8a Samsara Sport 19m, 9 Very Good
Wed 31st Dec 2008 - Margalef
8b+ Doble Iluna (Doble Lluna)

d276589maybe 8b

Sport Very Good
Wed 24th Dec 2008 - Alquézar
La Colegiata
8a Intrepidos montanhistas

Harder now, cause a hold broke

Sport Very Good
Sun 21st Dec 2008 - Alquézar
La Colegiata
8a El mentor Sport
Sun 3rd Aug 2008 - Céüse
Demi Lune
8a Carte Blanche Sport 20m Classic
Wed 23rd Jul 2008 - Ginzling
Bergstation 5 Sterne
8a Scientist (The Scientist)

super route with a dyno in the end

Sport 18m Classic
Sun 30th Mar 2008 - Wilder Kaiser
Schleierwasserfall Hauptsektor
8a+ White winds

need more endurance! was like a onsight

Sport 20m Classic
Wed 21st Nov 2007 - Mišja Peč
8a+ Sonce v očeh (Sonce v o?eh) Sport 16m, 6 Very Good
Tue 20th Nov 2007 - Mišja Peč
8b Marjetica

8b/8b+! climbed it with no feeling in my fingers, so cold!

Sport 16m, 8 Very Good
Sun 17th Jun 2007 - Niederthai
Steiler Block
8a+ Wargames

Cool! super day

Sport 15m Very Good
Fri 1st Sep 2006 - Niederthai
Steiler Block
8a Dopingprobe

Cool, Not so hard, holes holes holes!Just one hard move at the end!

Sport 15m Very Good
Mon 31st Jul 2006 - Salavas
Les Branches
8a+ Matador


Sport Very Good
Sat 15th Apr 2006 - Tende
7c+ 8a Trans

oh man so hard flash!

Sport Very Good

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