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Grade Route Gear style Quality Difficulty
Mon 13th Mar 2023 - Hollow Mountain (N & NE side of Mt. Stapylton)
Tribute Wall Tribute Wall Upper
Sport 19 Lost in Translation - with Caroline Chang, Chris Martinez Sport 17m, 7 Good
Nice route with a spicy finish. Great on-site by Caroline Chang! 🤟

Sport 18 Pink Void - with Caroline Chang, Chris Martinez Sport 15m, 6
Crux is getting on the route without falling into the void!

Sat 11th Mar 2023 - Pohlner Track & Smith's Rd Area
The Ravine
Sport 21 Lake Thelma - with Caroline Chang, Chris Martinez Sport 18m, 7 Good
Wed 8th Feb 2023 - Pohlner Track & Smith's Rd Area
The Ravine
Sport 19 Waterfall Bogans - with Megan Ellis, Jordan Edwards Sport 18m, 7 Good 19
Don’t think I’ve tried this before… Got a move in it!

Thu 26th Jan 2023 - Camels Hump
Omega Block Area Lower Tier
Sport 21 Slug’s Honour - with Caroline Chang, Jordan Edwards, Megan Ellis Sport 17m, 4 Very Good 21
Probably one of the best routes at Macedon! Started on the smaller holds (to the right) at the bottom and avoided the arête to the left at the top for the “original experience” although I clipped all the draws! Not really sure it felt 23 at any point I probably wouldn’t argue with 22 though? Idk lovely route either way!

Thu 22nd Dec 2022 - Sand River
Colosseum Area Eldorado
Sport 19 Inca Trail - with Caroline Chang Sport 28m, 12 Average 19
Bit of a mossy quest, alright at the top though.

Thu 22nd Dec 2022 - Sand River
Colosseum Area The Colosseum
Sport 23 Way of the Dragon - with Kat Hayhoe, Tommathy swift Sport 14m, 8 Good
Fun lil number!

Tue 20th Dec 2022 - Mount Wellington
The Organ Pipes Flange Buttress
Sport 19 Princess - with Caroline Chang, Jordan Edwards Sport 25m, 12 Very Good Easy 19
Lovely lil number!

Sun 4th Dec 2022 - Flat Rock
West Flank
Sport 20 Yellow Cake - with Caroline Chang Sport 30m Good 20
Low crux is probably a grade harder for the vertically challenged, such as Caroline Chang!

Sun 27th Nov 2022 - Flat Rock
West Flank
Sport 20 Nasty Nukes - with Caroline Chang Sport 17m, 7 Good
Not sure that crux was a 100% move!

Sport 22 Without Warning - with Caroline Chang Sport 15m, 8 Good
Quite pumpy! Can’t really claim the onsight as I squizzed some guys punting off the last draw earlier in the day.

Sun 2nd Oct 2022 - Kalymnos
Palionisos Secret Garden
Sport 7a Crisis - with Danny Sport 25m
Cool warm up!

Fri 30th Sep 2022 - Kalymnos
Skalia Ghost Kitchen Ghost Kitchen
Sport 6c 6c/c+ Remember Wadi Rum - with Clint Thomas Sport 25m, 8
In blazing sun defo added something! Pretty cool.

Tue 27th Sep 2022 - Kalymnos
Vathi Pezonda Valhalla
Sport 7b+ Valhalla - with Micheal Banner Sport 35m
So shaky still, don’t know why. Totally my style, very à la Ceuse Cascade style, steep start followed by big moves on good holds on the headwall. So close to punting multiple times, only stayed on thanks to Matthias Lei spraying me down at just the right times. ‘Twas a battle!

Sat 24th Sep 2022 - Kalymnos
Armeos Odyssey
Sport 6a+ Oldie - with Danny Paradorn Sport 20m
Warm up, forgot my chalk bag!

Mon 19th Sep 2022 - Portland
Blacknor South Medusa Falls Area
Sport 7a Loose Cannon - with Clinton Thomas Sport Very Good
Tippy tappy feet!

Sat 17th Sep 2022 - Portland
Wallsend Wallsend South Trad Free World
Sport 6b+ Queen of a Distant Country - with Neil Hardwick Sport
Fucking gripped the whole way! Something about Portland just gets me tense man! Was convinced I was gonna blow a hold again!

Sport 7b+ Colours - with Neil Hardwick Sport
Warm up! Perfect storm of great condys, Luke spraying me down and a dash of bum clenching. Pretty soft compared to other outings at the grade I’ve done but I’ll take it!

Sun 11th Sep 2022 - Portland
Blacknor Central Portland Heights Area
Sport 6c+ Isle Of Slingers - with clint Sport
Lovely route! Struggling to calm down though, defo overgripping, that first climb got in my head I think.

Sat 10th Sep 2022 - Portland
Wallsend Wallsend South The Enchanted Path Area
Sport 6b+ Waiting for the Barbarians Sport Good
Fun! Some unlikely holds at the top! When that big one breaks off it won’t be 6b+ anymore!

Sport 6c The Enchanted Path - with Neil Hardwick Sport Very Good
Bit of an engaging start for a “warm up”!

Sat 20th Aug 2022 - Céüse
Un Pont Sur L'infini
Sport 6b+ Le Vol du Pilatus - with Will Russel Sport 35m Very Good
Finally ticked something I guess. 🤷‍♀️

Sun 7th Aug 2022 - Céüse
Grande Face
Sport 6b+ Les fils de gauche Sport 30m, 10 Good
Last climb of the day, was getting pretty pumped even on good holds! Might have to have a rest day tomorrow. 🥵

Sport 7a 6c Antequera Sport 30m, 12 Good
It’s either 6a+/6c/7a depending who you ask/which bits you do I guess. The bouldery campus start was a bit wild! 😂

Wed 3rd Aug 2022 - Céüse
Sport 6c Zagreb - with dan cornish Sport 25m Very Good
Very polished at the bottom, interesting climbing throughout, not a gimme at the grade.

Sun 31st Jul 2022 - Ailefroide
La gorge
Sport 6c L'ange 20 - with Dan Cornish Sport Very Good
Really nice warm up.

Thu 28th Jul 2022 - Ailefroide
La gorge
Sport 6a Little fissure - with dan cornish Sport Don't Bother
Didn’t really dig it tbh

Sport 6c L'été indien - with dan cornish Sport 25m Very Good
Bit sloppy at the top. Nice climb.

Fri 22nd Jul 2022 - Ailefroide
Contreforts du Pelvoux Face bouc
Sport 6c Gipsy Crack - with Faucher Antoine, Milly Kay, dan cornish Sport 30m
Defo my anti style, probably made it into a 7b in places but I persevered! Terrifying!

Thu 21st Jul 2022 - Ailefroide
La gorge
Sport 6a Jardinage a tous les etages - with Faucher Antoine, Milly Kay, Dan Cornish Sport 25m
Sport 6b Micro flemme - with Faucher Antoine, Milly Kay, Dan Cornish Sport
Sat 16th Jul 2022 - North Wales
Llanberis Valley Area Dinorwic Quarries Serengeti Over There Land
Sport 7a Let Yourself Go! - with Faucher Antoine Sport 14m, 6
Really cool movement, lots of high feet and pressing, didn't really pull on anything. Felt more like 6b that 7a tbh tho.

Sport 7a Super Slinky - with Faucher Antoine Sport 13m, 5
Another cool route, felt like climbing a piece of charcoal, again felt several grades below advertised, I think being taller is was definelty advantagous...

Mon 11th Jul 2022 - Portland
Cheyne Weares Neddyfields Main Cliff
Sport 6b Wonderlust Sport 17m
Lovley lil jug haul with a cool move at the top.

Sun 10th Jul 2022 - Portland
Battleship Battleship Back Cliff The Back Cliff
Sport 6c Always Have the Edge Sport
Bouldery start! Cool route.

Sat 18th Jun 2022 - Portland
Wallsend Wallsend South Trad Free World
Sport 6a+ Stalker's Zone Sport 30m Very Good
Fri 17th Jun 2022 - Portland
The Cuttings Main Cliff
Sport 6b Evening Mistress Sport
Tue 19th Apr 2022 - Bruny Island
Cloudy Bay The Aviary
Sport 24 Footnote - with Will Gregson Sport 25m, 10 Very Good
Pretty bloody pumped for the finish which was pretty exciting! Think I was more pumped from exposure than the moves!

Sport 23 Desert Raven - with Will Gregson Sport 25m Very Good
Spicy warm up! Milked the rests tho. Managed to back-clip a draw, had to fix it, down climb, thread my self the right way through the rope then finish, what a faff!

Sat 19th Feb 2022 - Mt Stapylton Campground
Sentinel Cave
Sport 22 Screaming Barfies Sport 10m, 4 Good
Good pumpy climb!

Sun 2nd Jan 2022 - Blue Mountains
Blackheath Area Centennial Glen Wave Wall
Sport 23 Split Wave Sport 20m Very Good
Just really fun climbing.

Sport 24 Jaqueline Hyde Sport 15m, 6 Good
Feels a bit easy for a 24 tbh, but I feel like I owed myself a 24 flash after climbing Troc like a plonker the other day.

Sat 1st Jan 2022 - Nowra
Thompson's Point The Grease Cave
Sport 23 Pulling On the Porcelain Sport 12m Very Good
Nowra James put the draws on and gave me the beta. Whacked the knee pads on for two double knee bar-no hands rests, making it very achieveable. Good fun though.

Tue 5th Jan 2021 - Sand River
Fire Wall
21 Unquenched Sport 8m, 4 Good
Throwy bouldery moves at the bottom, hard if you were wee I expect.

Mon 12th Mar 2018 - Flat Rock
West Flank
20 Nuclear Wasteland Sport 25m, 7 Don't Bother
Sat 10th Mar 2018 - Pohlner Track & Smith's Rd Area
The Ravine
19 Pains Ford Sport 18m, 8 Very Good
18 Hey Youse Sport 18m, 7 Average
18 Point Perpetrator Sport 17m, 6 Good
20 Try Land Sport 17m, 7 Good

Showing all 49 ascents.