Ascents as Onsight, Onsight solo or Greenpoint onsight as sport by Nut Busting Unicorn

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Grade Route Gear style Quality
Thu 30th Jul 2020 - Grampians
North Grampians NE Mt Zero Range Golton Rocks Wave Wall
18 The Penguin - with Pauly G Sport 14m, 5 Good
Fri 29th May 2020 - Mt Alexander
Dog Rocks
15 Waiting For Sam - with Pauly G Sport 8m, 2 Good
15 My Black Sheep - with Pauly G Sport 8m, 3 Good
Mon 9th Mar 2020 - Mount Buffalo
The Horn Area Dreamworld
18 Spaceman Spiff - with Pauly G Sport 15m, 6 Very Good
Sun 19th Jan 2020 - The You Yangs
The Turntable Car-park Area Eastern Walking Track Flinders Peak Slabs
16 Tewkesbury Sport 23m, 4 Good
Sat 31st Aug 2019 - Beachen
6a Christiania Sport 8m Good
5a Marihøna Sport 10m Good
5a Tiriltoppen Sport 18m
6a Drum Sport 25m Good
Sun 4th Aug 2019 - Grampians
North Grampians Flat Rock West Flank
16 Nuclear Novice Sport 15m, 5 Good
Tue 18th Jun 2019 - The You Yangs
Great Circle Drive North Royalty Walls
16 Dead Queen in the Middle of the Road Sport 15m, 2 Good

Showing all 11 ascents.