Ascents as Onsight or Onsight solo as sport by David B

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Grade Route Gear style Quality Difficulty
Sat 18th Mar 2023 - Martinswand
Martinswand Mehrseillängen Vorbau
Sport 7 Corona Party - with Maximilian Mößler Sport 150m Very Good
Fri 23rd Sep 2022 - Finale Ligure
Rocca di Perti Settore Ombre Blu Ombre Blu Sinistra Sett. Inferiore
Sport 6c Mythbusters Sport 25m Classic
Tue 12th Jul 2022 - Sankt Arbogast
Sport 7+ Via St. Arbogast Sport 18m, 8 Classic
Sun 12th Jun 2022 - Spiegelstein
Sport 7 WC Vollkraft Sport 17m, 6 Classic
Tue 14th Dec 2021 - Valle delle Ferriere
Settore del Topastro
Sport 6b La serata Havhaa Sport Classic
Tue 14th Sep 2021 - Amberg
8- Schrottgrinser Sport 35m Classic
Sun 12th Sep 2021 - Amberg
7+ Anarchie der Liebe Sport 30m, 16 Classic
Sat 14th Aug 2021 - Alpstein
Schattenwand Maibummel
5c You can dance - with Maximilian Mößler Sport 120m Classic
Wed 16th Jun 2021 - Stadtschrofen
8- Kampfkatze Sport 15m, 6 Very Good
Thu 10th Jun 2021 - Schellenberg
Null Bock
8 Em Franz sini Sport Very Good
Thu 25th Mar 2021 - Amberg
7+ Elena Sport 25m Classic
Sun 10th May 2020 - Stadtschrofen
6b 7 Wolfskinder Sport 12m, 5 Very Good
6+ Por-yes Sport 12m, 5 Classic

Showing all 13 ascents.