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Grade Route Gear style Quality Difficulty
Mon 10th Feb 2020 - Railay
Wee's Present Wall
6a I Don't Know Sport 15m, 5
6a Roi-Et Sport 17m, 6
6a A Man Can Tell a 1000 Lies Sport 15m, 4
6a+ Hello Christine Sport 20m, 7
6b+ Same Same, But Different Sport 20m, 7
5b Way to the Top Sport 20m, 7
6b+ Ling Rong Hei Sport 20m, 8
Sun 9th Feb 2020 - Railay
5 Ling Noi Sport 10m, 3
6a+ We Sad Sport 25m, 8
5 Giggerig for Climbing Sport 12m, 4
6a+ Dr. Jekull & Mrs. Hyde Sport 27m, 13

Showing all 11 ascents.

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