Ascents as Flash as trad by Ashley Felton

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Grade Route Gear style Quality
Thu 15th Jun 2017 - Mountain Quarry
Playboy Area
17 Playboy

Hey, I remember: trad is scary on lead. Calling this one a retro-flash.

- with Marc
Trad 28m Very Good
Sat 24th Oct 2015 - Barrington (Gosnells) Quarry
Entrance Quarry
19 Ghost Pillar

Good holds, excellent placements. Pure fun.

- with Kym Campbell
Trad 15m Very Good
Mon 13th Jul 2015 - Eaglestone Rocks
19 Capachow

Some good protection is available down lower, but the top of the flake sounds hollow as a drum. Pure pleasure after getting that first bolt clipped.

- with Kym Campbell
Mixed trad 16m, 3 Very Good
Wed 10th Jun 2015 - Avon Valley National Park
Emu Creek Wall
18 Bone Machine

This was great fun, a good mix of crimps and balancy moves.

- with Kym Campbell
Mixed trad 14m, 3 Very Good
Sun 12th Oct 2014 - Churchman's Brook
The Super Slab
17 Major

A decent enough trad route, with one very committing gear placement for the crux. Was very happy to be told exactly what size cam to deploy.

- with Kym Campbell
Trad 25m Average
Thu 4th Sep 2014 - Barrington (Gosnells) Quarry
Main Quarry
16 Krakaddiction

A pleasure to climb and super-easy to protect. A great warm-up. What's not to love?

Trad 30m Very Good

Showing all 6 ascents.