Ascents as Onsight, Greenpoint onsight or Onsight solo by Ashley Felton

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Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Date
V1 Less easy topout

More fun than it looks.

Boulder Disappointment Rock boulder Good Wed 3rd Oct 2018
V1 Easy slab Boulder 4m Disappointment Rock boulder Average Wed 3rd Oct 2018
19 Crisis Master

Straightforward, until the vertical drill hole/crack at the finish. Pumpy, technical laybacking to finish. Good times.

Sport 25m, 6 Boya Quarry Very Good Mon 3rd Feb 2014
18 19 A Walk In Central Park

A nice climb in the corner.

Sport 20m, 4 Wellington Dam Good Sun 23rd Mar 2014
19 Critter Country

Short, but wicked good laybacking until the lip. Plus a good kneebar!

- with Kym Campbell
Sport 12m Dreaming Frog Very Good Sun 14th Aug 2016
18 19 Big Man’s Rump

Good mix of moves. Easy for the grade.

- with Paul Donovan, Kym Campbell, Marc
Sport 15m, 3 Midgegoroo National Park Good Wed 21st Sep 2016
19 Jack High

Excellent! Crimpy as all get-out.

- with Kym Campbell
Sport 20m Blue Mountains Very Good Sun 4th Nov 2018
18 Strider

Tricky second bolt is the crux, 8m runout after the fourth adds excitement.

Sport 25m Statham's Quarry Good Tue 7th Jan 2014
18 Boulder Dash

Good protection to be had, interesting climbing, nice tense little roof sequence to finish.

- with Kym Campbell
Trad 16m Statham's Quarry Good Tue 23rd Sep 2014
18 Crossroads

Very good fun, this. Couple of tense, slippery parts - it's well worth slinging the tree in the gully prior to setting the next clip.

- with Kym Campbell
Sport 35m Wungong Slabs Very Good Mon 26th Jan 2015
18 Dinosaur Jnr

The first, second and fourth pitches make this a good slab route, the third and the topout prevent it from being very good. Pitch one, the starting flake with big layback and reachy traverse was the highlight. Take a couple of large cams for it!

- with Kym Campbell, Rebecca Trigger
1 lead by rebecca
2 lead by kym
3 lead by ashley
4 lead by rebecca
Mixed trad 120m, 19 Porongurups Good Mon 14th Nov 2016
18 The Ride of the Valkyries

I might have enjoyed this more if it hadn't started raining midway. Nevertheless, some good moves.

- with Kym Campbell
Sport 25m, 6 Mountain Quarry Good Tue 21st Feb 2017
18 Equilibrium

Nice warmup. I suspect I spent a bit much time in the corner.

- with Kym Campbell
Sport 20m, 5 Mountain Quarry Good Thu 23rd Feb 2017
18 Let's Get a Taco

A good intro to Blue Mountains rock.

- with Kym Campbell
1 18 20 lead by Kym Campbell
2 17 18 lead by Ashley Felton
Sport 38m, 12 Blue Mountains Good Thu 1st Nov 2018
18 The Bandoline Grip

Nice, easy for the grade.

- with Kym Campbell
Sport 18m, 8 Blue Mountains Good Sun 4th Nov 2018
18 The Answer is Obvious

Another nice one. What's with all the highball starts, setters?

- with Kym Campbell
Sport 20m Blue Mountains Good Sun 4th Nov 2018
17 Chick Magnet

Decent enough climb, crimpy finish.

Sport 20m, 3 Boya Quarry Average Tue 29th Oct 2013
17 Cool Under Fire

Good holds and feet. Felt easier than 17, I might have strayed a bit far right.

Sport 12m, 4 Boya Quarry Average Wed 22nd Jan 2014
17 This Murky Corner of My Emotions

Easy start, trickier middle. A good warm-up.

Sport 14m, 3 Wellington Dam Good Sun 23rd Mar 2014
17 Centrepiece

Decent climb, but unremarkable.

- with Kym Campbell
Sport 20m, 5 Statham's Quarry Average Tue 13th Jan 2015
17 Smell of Rich Mahogany

Nice line. A somewhat tricky stretch between the 2nd & 3rd bolt.

- with Steve Whitehead
Sport 13m, 4 Barrington (Gosnells) Quarry Good Sat 24th Oct 2015
17 Piglet's Picnic Feast

Slabby start, then a cruise up the arete bit. Good warmup.

- with Mike
Sport 7m Dreaming Frog Average Sun 14th Aug 2016
17 Narrogin Line

Eh, it was okay. A bit muddy.

- with Kym Campbell
Sport 24m Midgegoroo National Park Average Wed 21st Sep 2016
16 Jetstream

Great climbing on good rock, with plenty of opportunity to protect the moves. Each of the two traverses adds some spice. The third "pitch" is a formality, but it's not as though you can avoid it. Highly recommended for a short multi-pitch adventure.

- with Kym Campbell, Rebecca Trigger
1 16 lead by ash
2 16 lead by kym
3 10 lead by ash
Trad 60m The Stirling Ranges Very Good Sun 13th Nov 2016
15 17 Adventure Line

Pleasant enough climbing, worth doing to reach On Edge (above). Use the last third as an opportunity to practice your trad placements.

- with Kym Campbell, Paul Donovan
Mixed trad 30m, 5 Mountain Quarry Good Thu 29th Dec 2016
17 Wishbone

Kinda slabby

- with Kym Campbell, Adam
Mixed trad 15m, 5 Eaglestone Rocks Average Sat 13th Oct 2018
17 Mainly Fine Sport 16m Blue Mountains Average Sun 4th Nov 2018
16 Ant Attack

Sometimes you just wanna climb slab.

Sport 24m, 5 Statham's Quarry Average Sun 19th Jan 2014
16 The Fang

Another really good moderate trad climb. One somewhat committing bit, but that's right at a nice bit of protection.

Trad 25m Churchman's Brook Very Good Sat 23rd Aug 2014
16 Cornflake

Slabby, friendly, easy to protect, short.

- with Kym Campbell
Trad 13m Statham's Quarry Average Tue 30th Sep 2014
16 Bitter

Slightly awkward start, easy finish.

- with Kym Campbell
Sport 9m, 3 Eaglestone Rocks Good Mon 13th Jul 2015
16 It's a Formidable Scent

Very enjoyable, exciting mantle at the end (to which I won't spoil the trick).

- with Steve Whitehead
Sport 13m, 4 Barrington (Gosnells) Quarry Very Good Sat 24th Oct 2015
V0 Easy topout Boulder 4m Disappointment Rock boulder Good Wed 3rd Oct 2018
15 Craptastic Crack

Great crack, but super short.

- with Kym Campbell
Trad 10m Scott Street Quarry Good Sun 26th Oct 2014
15 Made in Australia, from Local and Imported Ingredients

Well (over?) protected and enjoyable multi-pitch slab climbing, though without many distinguishing features. A fun day out.

- with Mike, Sophie
Sport 220m, 36 Porongurups Good Sun 10th Jan 2016
15 Plummeting Penguins

Easy enough to be relaxing, thin enough to still have interest.

- with Kym Campbell
Sport 27m, 6 Statham's Quarry Good Fri 22nd Apr 2016
15 Beautiful Possibilities

An absolute cracker. Delicate, careful moves needed for the start of this one. Good protection, but not obvious - you have to think about it. My pitch of the day, for sure.

- with Kym Campbell, Joe Hewitt
Trad 30m Arapiles Very Good Sat 4th Nov 2017
15 I Don't Tip

Pretty cruisey, but I'm glad that we did it.

- with Joe Hewitt
Sport 36m, 13 Blue Mountains Good Mon 5th Nov 2018
14 Ninjas Nuptials Trad 30m The Lesmurdie Falls Average Wed 25th Sep 2013
14 Tremulo

A fine little single pitch. In Perth this would be a must do at any crag, over here it's a bit eclipsed by all the other classics nearby.

- with Kym Campbell
Trad 25m Arapiles Very Good Sat 4th Nov 2017
14 Jaundice

Short, but great for practising cam placements.

- with Kym Campbell, Adam
Trad 8m Eaglestone Rocks Good Sat 13th Oct 2018
14 Sirius Trad 40m Wilyabrup Very Good Sun 15th Mar 2020
13 One Thumb

Okay to practice gear placements on, I guess.

- with Kym Campbell
Trad 13m Scott Street Quarry Average Sun 26th Oct 2014
13 Fryaway

This is like the special desert you treat yourself to after a workout. If climbing this doesn't make you smile, you're doing the wrong pastime.

- with Kym Campbell
Trad 13m Darlington Very Good Mon 2nd Mar 2015
13 Middle Line

A pleasant enough warm-up.

- with Ashley Felton
Sport 31m, 8 Statham's Quarry Average Thu 24th Nov 2016
13 Pompadour

Nice, easy warm up.

- with Kym Campbell
Sport 15m, 10 Blue Mountains Good Sun 4th Nov 2018
13 12 Pink Knickers

A worthy classic.

Trad 28m Churchman's Brook Classic Sat 27th Jul 2013
12 Bard

For an iconic mega classic route, I was left a little underwhelmed. First and second pitches are a bit naff, but the last three are great. A mixed bag, but still a superb outing.

- with Kym Campbell, Paul Donovan
1 lead by Paul
2 lead by Kym
3 lead by Paul
4 lead by Ashley
5 lead by Kym
Trad 120m Arapiles Very Good Thu 2nd Nov 2017
11 Piccolo

What a delightful, thin formation to climb!

- with Kym Campbell, Paul Donovan
Trad 33m Arapiles Very Good Thu 2nd Nov 2017
11 Blockbuster

Pitch of the day. Technical, fun and great protection. A sensational route.

- with Kym Campbell, Paul Donovan
Trad 30m Arapiles Classic Thu 2nd Nov 2017
11 Trapeze

Great fun!

- with Kym Campbell
Trad 20m Arapiles Very Good Fri 3rd Nov 2017
11 Agamemnon

Done as one pitch. And what a pitch: solo the squeeze chimney to start, then stem your way up the chasm for the rest. Perfect friction all the way, and a cheeky little run-out at the end to add spice.

- with Kym Campbell
Trad 40m Arapiles Classic Sun 5th Nov 2017

Showing all 52 ascents.