Ascents as Pink point as trad by Ashley Felton

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Grade Route Gear style Quality Difficulty
Sun 14th Aug 2016 - Dreaming Frog
Hundred Acre Wood Sector
18 Winnie - with Kym Campbell Trad 10m Good
Another trad lead experience, again making shameless use of Kym's gear. Top half: faaaaark, it's pretty thin holds. Better trust your feet and those stopper placements. Felt like a 19 today.

Sun 14th Aug 2016 - Dreaming Frog
Dreaming Frog Sector
17 17 R First Harvest - with Kym Campbell Trad 15m Good
Always a pleasure, climbing someone else's (good) cam placements.

Wed 10th Jun 2015 - Avon Valley National Park
Emu Creek Wall
20 Black Flag - with Kym Campbell Mixed trad 14m, 2 Very Good
Didn't trust the cam placement down low, so we did this with the first draw clipped. My favourite route of the crag - at twice the height, it would be a classic route.


Showing all 3 ascents.