Ascents as Red point or Ground up red point as sport by Jean Paul Orlainsky

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Grade Route Gear style Quality Difficulty
Wed 17th Aug 2022 - Amberg
Sport 9- Mr. Zartcore - with Marc Trawetzky Sport 25m Mega Classic
I never want to forget these moves

Mon 8th Aug 2022 - Walgau
Bürs Rumpelkammer
Sport 6b Felsgrübchen - with Marc Trawetzky Sport 18m
Wed 3rd Aug 2022 - Amberg
Gorilla Wall
Sport 7+ Freitag der 13te - with Marc Trawetzky Sport 8m Classic
Fri 22nd Jul 2022 - Amberg
Gorilla Wall
Sport 8- Wapiti - with Sararu Raul Sport 25m, 12 Mega Classic
Beautiful. The Dyno was kept secret. 3 Session.

Mon 18th Jul 2022 - Nofels
Sport 7 Fischerbuam Sport 15m, 12
Mon 18th Jul 2022 - Walgau
Hängender Stein Turmwächter
Sport 6c+ Tricky Ricci Sport
Sport 6b+ Zornpimpf Sport
Mon 18th Jul 2022 - Amberg
Sport 7+ Teenager in Action Sport 15m
Mon 18th Jul 2022 - Känzele
Sport 7+ Hurleburebutz Sport 30m
Mon 18th Jul 2022 - Pocksberg
Sport 5+ Pepone - with Marc Trawetzky Sport


Showing all 10 ascents.