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Grade Route Gear style Quality
Wed 5th Apr 2017 - Arapiles
The Watchtower Faces Right Watchtower Face
18 Skink

Great climb, belay stance is good and has medium cams and nut placement heaps of pro up crack, 1 bolt plate.

- with mattfrench
1 12 lead by Frenchy
2 18 lead by Taraidh
3 17 lead by Frenchy
Trad 110m Mega Classic
Mon 3rd Apr 2017 - Arapiles
Tiger Wall Area Tiger Wall Syrinx Area
16 Radish

Last pitch very difficult might have been off route

- with caleb
Trad 150m Good
Sat 1st Apr 2017 - Grampians
North Grampians Flat Rock West Flank
22 Cooking In Chernobyl - with scotty, mick, Harley Von Trad 30m
Wed 29th Mar 2017 - Arapiles
The Pharos and Surrounds The Pharos Front Wall
10 The Shroud - with Taraidh
1 lead by Luke
2 lead by Taraidh
3 lead by Luke
4 lead by Taraich
Trad 120m Very Good
Tue 20th Oct 2015 - Arapiles
Organ Pipes Area Organ Pipes Piccolo Pipe
11 Piccolo - with lee.n Trad 33m Classic
Mon 19th Oct 2015 - Arapiles
Bushranger Bluff Back Wall
10 Tullah's Pleased Trad 12m
15 16 Rubbery Under Arms Trad 12m
15 Orange Crush - with jack p Trad 10m
Sat 20th Jun 2015 - Blue Mountains
Leura Sublime Point West Face (Main Area) Middle Cliffs Sweet Dreams Walls
14 Sweet Dreams

Strange mix of bolts carrots and trad

- with Rangers
Mixed trad 120m, 20 Classic
Thu 30th Apr 2015 - The Unknown
19 Handcrack Trad 20m
Crack Trad 15m
Thu 23rd Apr 2015 - Arapiles
The Watchtower Faces Right Watchtower Face
14 Salamander Trad 120m
16 Watchtower Crack

Lead on pitches 2 and 4

- with dan towers
Mixed trad 95m, 3 Very Good
Thu 23rd Apr 2015 - Arapiles
Atridae Agamemnon Area
15 Necrophilliac

Still carnt jam!

- with nick d
Trad 25m Average
Thu 23rd Apr 2015 - Arapiles
Atridae House of Atreus
17 Surface To Air

Take a few slings

- with nick d
Trad 30m Very Good
Mon 12th Jan 2015 - Mount Wellington
The Organ Pipes Northern Buttress
14 Pegasus - with aaron Trad 48m Very Good
Wed 24th Dec 2014 - Point Perpendicular
The Lighthouse Centurion Area
15 Impact Zone Trad 10m
15 Women and Children First Trad 12m
16 Centurion (Centurian) Trad 10m

Showing all 19 ascents.