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Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Date
19 Into the Void

Cool climb. Slight run out between two and three. Thin finish.

Sport 20m, 4 Narrabeen Very Good Sun 26th May 2019
19 Gushing Knees

Very fun nice thinking finish

Sport 15m, 4 Alfords Point Very Good Sun 22nd Mar 2020
19 Tumbles

Some chunky loose pieces floating around mid way up. Be careful.

Sport 15m Point Perpendicular Very Good Sun 28th Oct 2018
19 Chicken of the Sea

Cool start. Bit dirty on the mid section with a bit of rock dislodged. A blast of a finish.

Sport 25m, 11 Vaucluse Good Sun 13th Jan 2019

Showing all 4 ascents.