Ascents as trad by Corbin Tattersall

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Grade Route Gear style Quality
Mon 12th Oct 2020 - Mount Wellington
The Organ Pipes Northern Buttress
14 Pegasus Trad 48m Very Good
Sun 9th Dec 2018 - Launceston (Cataract) Gorge
Duck Reach Vamp Buttress
17 Well Then Bruvvers Trad 25m
17 Vamp Trad 35m
Sun 21st Oct 2018 - Launceston (Cataract) Gorge
The Sunny Side Feltham Buttress
18 Lingham Trad 15m Good
14 Westham Trad 15m Good
24 Third Rising Mixed trad 15m, 2
Sun 14th Oct 2018 - Hillwood (private land)
Matto Grosso The Chessboard
18 Heart Of Darkness II Trad 15m Good

Showing all 7 ascents.