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Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Date
6a+ 6b Big Wave (Big Wave p1 / The Beauty & The Beast p1) Sport 110m, 33 Ton Sai Good Wed 31st Jan 2018
19 Ginger and Treacle Sport 23m, 5 Urbenville Good Fri 26th Jan 2018
19 The Bolting Gestapo Sport 18m, 5 Kangaroo Point Good Sat 23rd Sep 2017
19 Beyond the Black Stump - with Kel Sport 15m Brooyar Very Good Sat 28th Oct 2017
19 Ghost Rider Sport 27m Hillwood (private land) Classic Sun 6th Jan 2019
19 Living in a Transient World Sport 8m Hillwood (private land) Good Tue 1st Jan 2019
19 One Perfect Day Sport 15m Hillwood (private land) Very Good Tue 8th Jan 2019
6a+ Banana Hammock

Fun climb. Warning anchor sling sheath has worn so only holding on by core. Prepare to install your own sling if you want to top rope another climber safely.

- with Kel
Sport 25m, 7 Ton Sai Good Tue 2nd Jan 2018
6a+ Cobra Head - with Kel Sport 25m, 12 Ton Sai Good Wed 31st Jan 2018
6a+ Snake Whisky - with Kel Sport 26m, 9 Ton Sai Good Wed 31st Jan 2018
6a+ Franklins Tower Sport 35m Koh Yao Noi Classic Sun 7th Jan 2018
6a+ Infected Mushroom - with Kel Sport 12m, 7 Ton Sai Good Wed 27th Dec 2017
19 Golden Anniversary Sport 26m, 11 Sand River Mon 8th Jun 2020
19 It's life Jim Sport 20m, 7 Hillwood (private land) Very Good Sun 11th Nov 2018
19 Dangle Sport 14m, 6 Sand River Mon 8th Jun 2020
6a+ Made in Spain - with Kel Sport 20m, 6 Ton Sai Very Good Tue 26th Dec 2017
19 With The Angels Sport 43m, 17 Cathedral Rock Classic Sat 30th May 2020
19 Tarzan Sport 9m, 5 Sand River Good Mon 5th Nov 2018

Showing all 18 ascents.