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Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Date
6b 6b+ Australian Invasion - with Kel Sport 20m, 7 Ton Sai Very Good Tue 26th Dec 2017
20 Yellow Brick Road Sport 25m, 5 Urbenville Very Good Fri 26th Jan 2018
20 Catch Of The Day - with kel Sport 10m, 5 Brooyar Very Good Sat 16th Sep 2017
20 Crash Course in Brain Surgery Sport 10m Hillwood (private land) Tue 1st Jan 2019
20 Ruddiocracy Sport 20m, 5 Waterworks Quarry Very Good Sun 31st May 2020
6b Wharf Rat Sport 30m Koh Yao Noi Very Good Sun 7th Jan 2018
6b Old Snake - with Kel Sport 22m, 8 Ton Sai Don't Bother Wed 31st Jan 2018
6b Curious George (Curious George p2) - with Kel Sport 58m, 18 Ton Sai Very Good Wed 27th Dec 2017
6b Leaping Lizard Sport Koh Yao Noi Good Tue 9th Jan 2018
6b 6a+/b Techno-Bug - with Kel Sport 15m, 4 Ton Sai Average Tue 2nd Jan 2018
20 Spike - with Kel Sport 15m Brooyar Very Good Sat 28th Oct 2017
20 19 Out of Date Route Sport 14m, 3 Launceston (Cataract) Gorge Good Sun 21st Oct 2018
6b Breezes of the Past P1 - with Kel Sport 18m, 7 Ton Sai Average Fri 5th Jan 2018
6b 6a Schlingal Moritz (Schlingel Max)

Too polished to be enjoyed.

- with Kel
Sport 15m, 6 Ton Sai Average Mon 1st Jan 2018
20 Drilling in the Name of Sport 10m, 5 Waterworks Quarry Sat 23rd May 2020
20 Crest Sport 8m, 5 Sand River Very Good Mon 5th Nov 2018

Showing all 16 ascents.