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Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Date
20 The road to hell

This was the First Ascent. Unfortunately Thomas Giles doesn't have a Crag Login and George was tagged in error. The initial attempt was made ground up. Hugh Ward jumped on the lead (wearing brand new and extremely tight shoes) and stuffed around for an hour or so in the hot sun before placing a bolt and coming down under a cloud of shame. His apologies for the time wasting were loud, repetitive and heartfelt and Tom eventually attempted to put him at ease by saying "It's Ok, your intentions were good" and so the Road to Hell was paved...

After Hugh gave the route a quick clean on rap, Tom lead it cleanly in his characteristically relaxed fashion and Hugh and Bridie followed without the delay of the previous attempt

- with Thomas Giles, Bridie Campbell
Trad 35m Wolgan Valley Very Good Sun 16th Apr 2017
20 Home by six Trad 70m Wolgan Valley Very Good Thu 27th Aug 2020
20 Arete Central Mixed trad 35m, 6 Wolgan Valley Classic Thu 27th Aug 2020
20 Trump Wall Mixed trad 30m, 6 Wolgan Valley Very Good Sun 29th Sep 2019
20 22 Heart Attack

Great climb. Well worth a look at. You can get off after P1, which is probably the best way to go about it. It took a bit of cleaning at the time, but seems to have stayed in pretty good Nic since. The gear is all pretty good and there is enough of it. The chimney section at the top has a good nut at it's exit, I was pretty grateful for this.

Mixed trad 20m, 1 Blue Mountains Classic Sun 1st Jan 2012
20 The Forgotten crack - with Marty Doolan Trad 30m Blue Mountains Very Good Sat 2nd Feb 2019
20 Acoustic Corner - with Marty Doolan Trad 80m Wolgan Valley Very Good Fri 7th Apr 2017
20 Interregnum - with hugh sutherland Mixed trad 55m, 15 Wolgan Valley Mega Classic Fri 21st May 2021

Showing all 8 ascents.