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Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Date
17 Sweet Dreams Variant #2

Climbed the last pitch in the rain. It wasn't as bad as we thought it might be.

- with Ryan Cooper
1 14 20m lead by Jacob Henwood
2 10 20m lead by Ryan Cooper
3 13 28m lead by Jacob Henwood
4 13 25m lead by Jacob Henwood
5 17 25m lead by Ryan Cooper
Mixed trad 120m, 12 Blue Mountains Mega Classic Sun 13th Sep 2020
13 Honey Dip

This little hidden gem is a chaos emerald. Loved every moment.

- with Ryan Cooper
Mixed trad 30m, 1 Blue Mountains Classic Sun 30th Aug 2020
9 Rickapoodle

Pretty easy to go off piste, if you've done some gardening and ended up out over Deceptor you've made some mistakes.

- with Ryan Cooper
Trad 30m Blue Mountains Good Sun 30th Aug 2020
12 Groovy

The vertical fern garden is well groomed, and though not helpful is definitely a nice change from all the bare rock. Take a keen gardener.

- with Ryan Cooper
Trad 30m Blue Mountains Good Sun 30th Aug 2020
13 14 Joseph (Joseph P1)

Ants nest at the first anchor.

- with Ryan Cooper, p
1 13 24m
Trad 24m Blue Mountains Very Good Sat 29th Feb 2020
8 Faith

There's suddenly no gear to place. Not a great first trad.

- with Ryan Cooper
1 8 15m
Trad 15m Blue Mountains Good Sat 29th Feb 2020
13 Charity

If you're mantling into a dust bowl, you've gone too far. Take doubles of 3 and 4 or you'll be bumping like dodge-ems.

- with Ryan Cooper
Trad 14m Blue Mountains Good Sat 29th Feb 2020

Showing all 7 ascents.