Ascents in Oceania (other) by Joshua Merriam

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Grade Route Gear style Quality
Sun 16th Jun 2019 - Eua
the Lost Walls the Lost Wall
24 Forbidden Fruit

didn't climb the access pitch, one hang on Gregs 2nd pitch, but climbed my alternate via "Original Sin". First lead of tree of knowledge pitch, not really onsight as I bolted it. And followed Exodus pitch clean even with heavy backpack. Not a gimmee.

- with greg jack, Jean Jack
Sport 80m, 12 Very Good
Fri 14th Jun 2019 - Eua
the Lost Walls the Lost Wall
24 Original Sin

tricky turning the corner at the 3rd bolt and getting onto the face/tufa. then sustained finicky face climbing till the traverse and jug at bolt 6. Not as good quality as Gregs 2nd pitch of Forbidden Fruit, and didn't turn out to be easier.

- with greg jack
Sport 30m, 8 Good
Thu 13th Jun 2019 - Eua
Fangatave Beach Anokula Wall
23 Blind Faith

First pitch interesting path moving left across the blind part. Second pitch tough onsight finding the best holds and clipping the DBB

- with Jean Jack
Sport 40m Very Good
Tue 11th Jun 2019 - Eua
Fangatave Beach Fa Wall
17 Blade Runner

long and varied, goes to Cosmos anchors. Could use a separate lower anchor for direct toproping and cleaning, above current midway anchor, but in alcove right above line.

- with greg jack
Sport 35m, 13 Good
Fri 7th Jun 2019 - Eua
Fangatave Beach Fa Wall
18 19 Tricerabolts

just lots of jugs through moderate terrain

- with greg jack
Sport 20m Average
19 The Fa Tufa

toproped direct line into third bolt at about 20. And possibly easier line staying left until about bolt 5 at <18. otherwise, a good feature.

- with greg jack
Sport 18m, 6 Average
21 Lobster Claws

sharp, but crisp, not too hard actually

- with greg jack
Sport Good
23 22 Rubiks Pocket Pulling Puzzle

climbing right of second bolt makes it easier, but still challenging through low crux, and hanging on up top.

- with greg jack
Sport 20m, 7 Very Good
22 20 Seasick Sailors

quality of rock seems mungy/wet. hard long moves at start and bolting a bit high on first bolt, hard to clip 3rd.

- with greg jack
Sport Average
Sat 1st Jun 2019 - Eua
Fangatave Beach Whale Wall
22 Tafu'a'a Puna

Climbed using jugs on arete right of bolts, otherwise it would be more full on through the middle part. Starts with some jugs up past the first bolt, but in your face immediately to the second, which is a bit high. cruxy to the third bolt, but plenty of pump remaining for the top half of the first pitch. Didn't do the second pitch

Sport 30m, 8 Good
Mon 15th Oct 2018 - Eua
Northwestern Beach crags Olu sea cliff
22 Kontiki

A great line with plentiful tufa and flowstone holds up the consistently overhung top half. The bottom half is of lower quality and basically just serves as access.

- with greg jack
Sport 35m Very Good
Mon 15th Oct 2018 - Eua
Laku Fa'anga Bowl of Cliffs Bikini Bottom
24 Nautical Nonsense

The waves were crashing and the wind howling, but we got it done. Top pitch still needs some cleaning

- with greg jack
Sport 60m, 35 Very Good
Sat 13th Oct 2018 - Eua
Fangatave Beach Mânava Wall
21 20 Generosity

Bolting choices detract from the climbing. first bolt too low, ledge fall potential mid route, awkward position for 1st anchor, Good stone on second pitch is a saving grace. Did not climb the 3rd pitch.

- with greg jack
Sport 38m Average
Sat 6th Oct 2018 - Eua
Fangatave Beach Anokula Wall
18 Kina (Dirty Dagger)

straightforward climbing up the right side of the feature with some possibly reachy moves among the first few bolts. The face climbing mid-way up was thoughtful and leads into the black groove at the top which is dirty but reasonable. Nice ledge for bringing up the second, but bolted well for toproping with a 60m.

- with greg jack
Sport 28m, 8 Good

Showing all 14 ascents.

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