Ascents as sport by Kalang Kedumba Jones having distinctroute

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Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Date
21 Little Jug of Happiness (Little Jug of Happiness P1)
1 18 25m
2 21 20m
3 12 20m
Sport 65m Blue Mountains Good Thu 23rd Jul 2020
21 Thirty Three Years Sport 15m, 7 Blue Mountains Very Good Sun 13th Sep 2020
21 Consumer Eve Sport 20m, 9 Blue Mountains Good Sun 16th Aug 2020
21 Socially Inept Sport 12m, 4 Blue Mountains Good Sun 2nd Aug 2020
21 Spiderfest

Slipped off the sandy summit slopers...might come back with a brush!

Sport 8m, 2 Blue Mountains Good Wed 19th Aug 2020

Showing all 5 ascents.