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Grade Route Gear style Quality
Sat 11th Sep 2021 - Rat's Crag
Rat's Boulders
V3 Straight for the Jugular Boulder 6m Very Good
Tue 7th Sep 2021 - Mount Keira
Lower Boulders
V4 Hail to the Undercrimp Boulder 4m Very Good
Tue 17th Aug 2021 - Mount Keira
Lower Boulders
V6 V4 Hail to the crimp

I found it easier than undercrimp, I think it might be and easy V5 at best, but I’d say V4

Boulder 4m Good
V2 Poxy Knoxy Boulder 2m
V1 Echo Corner Boulder 3m
V2 Pull-kun Boulder 3m
V2 Pull-chan Boulder 3m
V4 Undercrimp Boulder 4m
V1 Moe's stretch Boulder 3m
V2 Foxy Knoxy Boulder 2m
V3 Pullman Boulder 4m
V2 Derailleur Boulder 2m
V1 Left To Your Own Devices Boulder 3m
V4 2 Boulder 4m
V3 1

Solid V3, loved it

Boulder 3m
V1 3 Boulder 4m
V2 4 Boulder 4m
V3 Jungle Kitten

Difficult for a V3, but hella rewarding

Boulder 4m Very Good

Showing all 18 ascents.