Ascents in H by Mark Rewi

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Grade Route Gear style Quality
Wed 12th Dec 2018 - Beechworth Area
Beechworth Gorge H
V3 The Nymph

Pretty regulation.

Boulder Good
V7 Caddis

Thought my abs might explode... and came away with mean gravel rash from several attempts at using my rib cage as a third hand. In the end just pulled really damn hard. Nice but sharp, gravelly and wierd. Just my kind of kick.

Boulder Good
V6 Bayou Baby

Had to dig it out from under a metre of drift wood and 2 giant (but luckily bone dry) trees! Happy that I started and finished at the right spots and probably V6. Did it without the chockstones too but don’t think V8. Basically pulled on, threw a heel and gunned it to the top. Think I can invisage a nicer harder sequence to do to take the tick (and that would be the classic line too... compression central!). That said with a forecast of 60mm tomorrow someone’s probably going to have a whole lot of tree removal to do again!

Boulder Good

Showing all 3 ascents.

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